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06/21/20 07:55 AM #4629    

Vicki Jurchak (Zajicek) (1969)

Judy Maxwell, my father will be 97 on July 10. 



06/21/20 10:17 AM #4630    

Shirley Maxwell (Pace) (1970)

July 10,1923 must have been a good day to be born on!  HappyBirthday to your Dad!

06/21/20 03:34 PM #4631    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Vicki ~ Wow what are the chances of that....I hope your Dad and your family have a wonderfu day on the 10th!! I will be sure and wish him a Happy Day!! Both our Families are blessed to still have them with us....


06/21/20 04:22 PM #4632    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hope all you Dad's have a great Father's Day, even if you can't celebrate together, stay safe!!










06/22/20 10:00 AM #4633    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Frank Young - you have mentioned me (in my opinion) offensively several times today and I am offended. Just because I didn't get into a racial discussion on this site means nothing about how I feel in my heart. You sir are being a bully and I for one don't appreciate it. You obviously have something going on and wish to take your pain out on anyone who happens to cross paths with you. I don't know you and for that I am grateful. Please leave me alone and I will do the same.

06/22/20 10:26 AM #4634    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Happy Fathers day to all our Fathers out there.

Judy thanks to you and Shirley for the moral support. I honestly was surprised at the attacks on this site of all sites. I enjoy this site as refreshing compared to Facebook. I hope my personal information is safe. Makes me wonder if I will get an unwanted visit.

06/22/20 11:06 AM #4635    


Judy Maxwell (1971)


I too have always enjoyed this site....SO many of us on here have known each other since we started school in Elementary, or friends since Jr. High. 

We will always have your back. I think a person would be a fool to pay any of us an unwanted visit...After all we are were born and raised Northsiders,  

Have a good week!!!


06/22/20 05:08 PM #4636    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

I was looking back at some sites from Houston, TX 1971, one that kept popping up was Busch Gardens. DO you remember it? We went on the tour a few times, the last time I went was with my Mom, Dad and Little Nephew. They had several ponds and lots of birds and a tour of the brewery. It just didn't make it though.

06/22/20 06:27 PM #4637    

Shirley Maxwell (Pace) (1970)

Judy they still have the tours. We should go to one when thing calm down.


06/22/20 10:07 PM #4638    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Judy #4646. Thanks. Northsiders then, now, always. Just a little further north now. Lol.

06/23/20 07:39 AM #4639    


Albert (Don) Henderson (Biology)


I seldom post anything, but I do read the posts. First of all thank you Connie for all the work you have done in building this site. I don't know if ya'll realize it but keeping this site going is NOT and easy task, so hats off to you Connie. I shall always have fond memories of Sam. I came there as a recent Aggie grad in '67 and met my future wife there in '71(she was a computer clerk and a '65 Sam Grad, now almost 50 years later, still together.) Sam had the best school in Houston!! We all worked together, both parents and teachers. The parents backed the teachers and the students were respectful. I don't place myself among the group of great teachers at Sam, but we had some outstanding teachers at Sam.

We have all been touched in one way or the otehr with what is going on now. Thank God my family has remained healthy. I pray for our country as we try to navigate through these dark times. Please continue to post what is in your heart and on your mind, but as the scripture in James tells us, "watch your tongue". In this case it is a digital tongue. As my Grandmother used to tell me, "I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap if you use that word again." and she meant it. So, let's us be respectful as I know most every Sam Grad is. 

Your Old Science Teacher '67-'73,

Don Henderson (now in Spring, Texas)


06/23/20 09:21 AM #4640    


Debbie Vollert (Campbell) (1971)

The post about using soap to “wash out a mouth” brought back a memory involving one of my grandchildren.  Our second grandson was a handful.  Our daughter and her family were living with us at the time and we had to manage our grandparent role with a parenting role.  I was listening to a parenting radio program and one of the suggestions was to get the gelled soap from the top of the dishwashing soap cap and rub it on the tongue or gum of the child who needed discipline.  This was a last resort when timeouts or taking away favorite items didn’t work.  As a kid, I’m sure I experienced a bar of soap in my mouth.

One day, I was at my wits end with my grandson and told him that if he didn’t straighten up I was going to put soap on his tongue.  I regretted it immediately because of two things I learned when raising our daughters.  One, don’t threaten a discipline you don’t intend to follow through on or they will push you harder the next time.  Two, don’t speak too quickly and say something you know you won’t do since it could result in punishing yourself or be something you know you can't do.  Grounding a child for a month is much harder to stick with than grounding them for a week or two.

I followed through on putting the gelled soap on his tongue.  I felt bad, but he learned two lessons.  He knew I would follow through and actions have consequences.  He’s almost 20 now and has turned out to be a fairly responsible young man after a lot of very trying years.

I am occasionally reminded about that experience by family members.  My daughter brought it up on Father’s Day.  We laugh about it now but I felt bad about it the day it happened.

06/24/20 07:42 AM #4641    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Good Morning Everyone. ~ Hope your getting some rain if your in need of it. We got some last night so the grass is growing and the garden this thriving. We have been canning Tomatoes ~ Bread & Butter Jalapenos and Hot sauce. Do any of you can? We have grapes growing on our pasture fence line so I ,was thinking of jelly or wine next,,, Any good receipes out there??

I am looking also looking forward to October when the Class of 70 reunion has been rescheduled. Hopefully everything willl be good then and we can get together for som fun!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday  heart


06/24/20 07:43 AM #4642    


Albert (Don) Henderson (Biology)

Enjoyed the story about the soap on the Grandson's tongue. I remember at one time threats were enought to deter bad behavior by a child, but not anymore. When I was in elementary school we were told there was an electric paddle in the principal's offce and WE BELIEVED IT.  Of course back then if you got in trouble at school you got it again when you got home. 

06/24/20 09:31 AM #4643    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Hello everyone. I saw something today that made me laugh. Marijuana is legal and haircuts are not. Hippies have finally won.

That just made me think of the 1960's.

06/24/20 10:45 AM #4644    

Beth Green (McConnell) (1973)

Hi Judy, Funny you should ask if anyone else cans.  My daughter and I put up 12 pints of my Mom’s Bread and Butter pickles this weekend. first time we’ve done that together and it was a special link to the past for me. I didn’t grow the cukes but bought them from Dilorio Farmer’s Market in Hempstead and they were f-r-e-s-h! Of course, we picked up a Hempstead watermelon and a few other items.  The market is open air and big enough that we felt safe keeping our distance and wearing masks. I’m sure I’ll do at least one more batch because when the extended family heard I was making them this year, everyone dropped a little hint about wanting some. Now, if I could only find a source for fresh figs to make Mom’s fig preserves, that would be heaven.  I was spoiled growing up because we had 5 huge fig trees, 4 pecan trees, and my dad put in a big summer garden on the lot next to our house, which we also owned. There’s something to be said for living where there is extra land for planting.






06/24/20 01:14 PM #4645    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Don Henderson - I didn't have the privilege of having you at Sam, since I graduated before you arrived, but we had a lot of great teachers that were truly interested in us as students.  Wanda Johnson, Frank Thornton, Miss K, Mr. Williamson, to name a few were wonderful teachers that were respected by most students and that I cherish to this day.  They not only taught us about their subject but were examples of good moral character!  Many wonderful memories were made in the halls of Sam Houston!!

You mentioned that your wife was in the class of 1965, would you give us her name and tell her "hi" from a fellow grad?

Connie, thank you so much for keeping this site active.  I love all the remebrances of our neighborhoods and schools.  

Blessings to all the tigers, stay health and safe, Caren


06/24/20 01:18 PM #4646    


Kathy Keels (Simmons Highsmith Jones) (1970)

Kathy Culpepper I can't stop laughing about your post! Judy Maxwell thank you for all of your posts. You're always so positive, upbeat and interesting. I was really nervous about going alone to the reunion in April. I don't want this to stop me from going to the rescheduled one.

06/24/20 02:58 PM #4647    


Martha Buchanan (Braden) (1971)

Hello Everyone,

I enjoy reading all the post here, since this is the second time recently I got on I would like to say again how much I appreciate Judy for keeping it going.  And again to Connie for be ahead of the times before FB and setting of a site for Sam Houston students to have a place to stay in touch.


Mr Henderson you were my biology teacher I remember you well, you look the same. 

My 17 yr old granddaughter probably does not even know what a hippi is!  

My son does know about having his mouth washed out with soap or rather have soap on a tooth brush and cleaned with soap! And he is a wooden spoon survivor!  His daughter has not experience either.

My mother had 4 kids 3 boys and a girl and we were all close in age I do not know how  she did it because the 2 younger ones were always aggravating me or tormenting my dates!  

It saddens the way of the world today that the future of our grandkids and their kids will not have the same freedoms we once enjoyed



06/24/20 03:04 PM #4648    


Katherine Newton (Courtland) (1968)

     Hello all,     Judy, what a blessing to still have your Mom around and she is cute and spunky looking too!  Kathy Culpepper, I had a great laugh at your joke, about the hippies.

Do you all remember in the mid to late 1960s at SHHS, we had what I would describe as three large groups many seemed to identify with: The Surfers (which also included the Hippies), the Cowboys (and Cowgals), and the Preps? Maybe the Hoods and Hoodesses were a fourth group. What was great was that some people might be associated with more than one of the groups and I dont think there was much exclusitivity to them either. It was just the hobbies or interests of those groups for things to do on the weekends that brought people together. Personally, my family had raised me with the idea of attending Baylor Univ as my sister had, 18 years ahead of me, so I was mostly in the Prep group. We enjoyed buiding our resume with after school clubs and stuff, going to Hermann Park on weekends and hanging out at Northline Mall or Baileys some. Of course exciting times were occurring downtown that brought in all the groups: Market Square with hippie hangouts all around, Luv Street Light Circus teen club above the square, and the Cellar or Domed Shadows for the more adventurous of us, not to leave out the Catacombs and driving down "Jack Rabbit Road" at night to see ghostly lights or the hermit.  

 I could barely surf but always envied those who were athletic enough to do that, and I did enjoy attending one of the smaller weekend rodeos with a good friend who turned Cowgirl our senior year, Debbie Whittaker. Also, some of the bad boys who enjoyed walking a thin line with some of their weekend activities were real attractive, but their tuff girlfriends were enough to ensure I never looked their way twice, ha! They never knew we referred to them as "hoodesses' I enjoyed dressing up and wearing makeup too much to ever think about trying out being a hippie but I did enjoy psychedelic pants in a club with 'black lighting'. Does this spring any memories for anyone?   Here is a link to some of the music venues in Houston back in the day!     Yours, Kathy Newton. 





06/24/20 03:07 PM #4649    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Beth #4650 ~ Love the Hempstead market, have not been there in years. We do grow our own and I understand about people coming out of the woodwork for fresh canned items. I have a Friend in the Bastrop area that his Unbcle LOVES my Bread & Biutter Jalapeno's. It is a sweet hot and delicious. Then we made the mistake of sending a couple of jars to a close friend up North that decided "we" needed to go into buiness together on the peppers...Eveyone loved them he said and he just knoew he could sell a bunch so for ome to get busy canning anbd shipping to him to sell.....WRONG!! I told my husband Danny NO WAY! I do all the work and he just sells, no thanks!! Plus we grow them so I would need a lot more growing than what I have. My Sisier Shirley use to have Fig trees, she still has Pecan tress but not sure what happened with the figs, I know MOM would break out ina rash if she got near them. Good luck finding the figs. 

Caren~ You are so right we did have some great teachers at SAM. Some of my favorites, Ms. Bibee my Art teach and Mr. Lyons, Government and my homerom teacher. Mr. Terry!!

Kathy ~ Yes it was too crazy to have the reunion on the original date. Hope ll is good to go in October. I am class of 71 but my sister Shirley is class of 70 so there are several of us coming to it from 70 & 71!! I will be sure and look for you come October. Stay safe and hope to see you then,. Also I agree Kathy Ginderson's post is funny. Hippies win...Peace OUT as they would say!! 



06/24/20 04:20 PM #4650    


Bonnie Artale (1971)

OMgossh Kathy Newton--- I thought I was the only one who remembers the Catacombs and Jack rabbit road!  

We so should have been friends at SAM... Did any of yall know that I was a regular dancer on the Larry Kane show?  Kathy, your post really took me back.  I like to remember that I identified with the Surfers, but my family would remind me that I am still a Hippy at heart!  


06/24/20 06:15 PM #4651    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Martha ~ Your Mom was a good Mom and she handled the 4 of you and me very well...I sure do remember all the tormenting your brothers did on you and sometimes me... and still are...Boy could we tell some stories!! I still get blamed for pushing Scott in the mud Christmas before last..... 

Katherine..... I agree with Bonnie,,,, we should have been friends in school....I Remember the groups you mentioned for sure.....I would have fallen into the "Hippie" group most would say, however had friends in the FFA and we would go to the rodeo stuff with them. and out to Gulf Bank and Hardy Rd to Circle H?? IS that where they did the bull riding?? Martha?? Your 2 younger brothers were in that group...And Scott was a surfer dude!! So I guess we hung with all of them and still today I live in the Country and LOVE it and LOVE country music.....but also love some good Rock & Roll and Shirley has me hooked now on current Pop!! Love to dance and my cousin and I use to go to Dome Shadows every week-end. I have a story about her Mom below.

Bonnie.....A regular on Larry Kane Show.....DO I have a story for you....My Aunt went on a date with Larry Kane....He took her to Galveston and they went swimming....My Aunt was so worried about the date. She was flat chested and she wore "Falsees" to pad her suit, I think that was what they were called....She said they were out in the water swimming and getting hit by the waves when sudden one of them came floating by.....She said she would have been worried about that and what he thought but that he had such bad body ordor she didn't want to go out with him again ...... He picked it up and said is this yours? ...She said she took it and said Yes it is and I'm ready to leave......The end of her date and crush on him.......Funny I have not thought of that in years.....



06/24/20 08:39 PM #4652    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Bonnie Artale - A regular on Larry Kane, I am impressed.  I was able to dance as a sub on that show in 1961-62.  It was a lot of fun.  I remember taking the Irvington bus downtown and transferring in order to get to the studio.  

Judy Maxwell - I loved the story about your aunt!  :)

Talking about preserves:  Do you remember the pear preserves at the Log Cabin?  Of course all the food there was delicious.  The fried chicken, dumplings, biscuits, could not be beat.  My children still remembers going there and talks about how wonderful the food was. They were cooked the pears to almost black.  I would love to have the recipe for those.  I have bought a lot of pear preserves but even comes close.  


06/24/20 11:35 PM #4653    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Kathy Newton ~ Dome Shadows...My cousin and I went there every weekend and a few times during the week...Did a lot of Dancing on the light up dance floor. Link Davis played there a few times. Many Memories from there. Mid to late 70's. From the left side of picture and the first full line of tables,..the third table from the bottom of the picture was our general place to sit. Close to the bar and the dance floor.

Does this look familar to ya?

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