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04/09/19 07:17 AM #4309    

Carolyn Singletary (Fuston) (1962)

Virginia Hembree Tyler class of 62 passed away yesterday. She will be missed 

04/09/19 07:17 AM #4310    

Carolyn Singletary (Fuston) (1962)

Virginia Hembree Tyler class of 62 passed away yesterday. She will be missed 

04/09/19 12:30 PM #4311    


Lynda L. Voswinkel (Boehm) (1962)

Carolyn Singletary Fuston, #4310 thanks for reporting this. Hope you are doing well. Love, Lynda

04/09/19 03:41 PM #4312    

Terry Martin (1970)

This is my first time to post but reading the post of the racial problems I decided to make a note.  Some have asked in the past why Lindale swimming pool closed. it was because the city told him he had to allow blacks into the pool, he didn't want to do that so he filled it in. 

In the fall of 1970 my mom would call me at home and tell me to go and get my brother out of school because she heard there were fights going on. I would go to the school and tell the office I was there to pick him, he was called to the office and we would leave no questions asked. 

It is sad to think that that's the way things were. 

04/09/19 03:46 PM #4313    

Jerry Deason (1962)

Lynda, I won’t be able to attend the mini reunion. Since my last message to my classmates, I was diagnosed with cancer and I am in a 9 week radiation program ( every day).

04/09/19 04:01 PM #4314    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

Well fellow Tigers ~ it has begun.  The demolition of our dear old Alma Mater. The wing where the Art rooms were, and the floors below them, are gone, but the outer frame is there. It started yesterday - at least the parts visible on the oxblue site. I think of the many many students who entered those classrooms, and I think of those who were there when the building opened in 1955. You can see the room where Miss Gloria Joyce Bibee, one of the original teachers who helped open the school, taught hundreds of us students the Elements and Principles of Art and encouraged us to be creative.

I look at what is left of the school, and I can almost hear the morning bell ring for homeroom. We began with the Pledge of Allegience, followed by the Prayer - yes, the Prayer, which later became the "thought for the day." In Elementary school we would also sing the National Anthem, or America the Beautiful, and others.

I can imagine the many thousands of names during Roll Call: Diane Grayson, Lindy Hosford, Kathy Onishi, Karen Barrett, Robert Armstrong, Dana Hairston, Beverly Feutrel, Sherry Collier, Judy Enhos, Janet Brandt, Belinda Brosch, Annette Samples, Jerry Williford, Mike Grayson, Linda Brown.......all answering in their own way - "Here"  "Present"  "Yo" ~

That old building will no longer stand, but will be in our hearts, and the memories formed within its halls will remain with us always. As the school song said:  "...Be brave...Be Strong...We'll hold our own...Sam Houston High....Our Alma Mat-ter True..."



04/09/19 05:44 PM #4315    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

R.I.P. Virginia Hembree Tyler ~ Prayers for her family and friends.

Terry Martin ~ Glad you joined us in posting.....Yes, the good ole days, fights, riots and leaving school early...Not sure how we all survived it !!

Jerry Deason ~ Sorry to hear about your cancer, Please know you will be in my prayers and please keep your thoughts positive. I am a cancer survivor and you have to fight everyday and not give in .....Please keep us posted on how your doing!

Diane G. Yes I saw they began and then stopped about an hour or two after starting. Now today they have not torn any more down. I was wondering how they would get the bricks out of all the rubble....not sure if they stopped because of that of if some other problem came up. But today not much activity going on!



04/10/19 07:26 AM #4316    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Jerry Deason I'm sorry to hear you are ill. I will keep you in my prayers. Be Tiger strong.

04/10/19 07:28 AM #4317    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Jerry Deason I'm sorry to hear you are ill. I will keep you in my prayers. Be Tiger strong.

04/10/19 09:13 AM #4318    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Diane G. #4314

It is with a tug of nostalgia, that i see the outter wall of Miss Bibee's classroom gone.  So strange to look right into the classroom like that...  I was in her advanced class, my last senior semester. Junior year, i was in Mr. Adams art class, directly across the hallway.  One of my other classrooms i can spot a mile away driving south down Irvington, is exactly at the oppposite end of the building,  3rd floor at the front, closest to Irvington, Drafting class.  Over the last, amost 50 years since graduating, any time i'd drive down Hardy, before or after the Toll Road was there, i'd always look up at Miss Bibee's classroom windows as i drove by and remember her fondly.  Same with my old drafting classroom, when i'd drive down Irvington...  Strong memories of both those rooms.  

04/10/19 11:52 AM #4319    

Jerry Deason (1962)

Thank you Linda, Judy, Kathy for wishing for my recovery in my illness. I WILL BE TIGER STRONG. GOD bless you all.

04/10/19 12:53 PM #4320    


Lynda L. Voswinkel (Boehm) (1962)

Jerry Deason, we wish the best for you and prayers sent often. Thanks for letti g us know about not attending the mini reunion. We will message you again if it's ok.

04/10/19 08:11 PM #4321    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

I visited Old Sam today and New Sam. It's beautiful inside! I took some more pictures of Old Sam from the front and could hear the Cats clawing more walls on the other side. The website Oxblue only shows the one angle. As I drove on Hardy, I saw that the entire south walls are gone - Miss Blankenship's Art room side, Mrs. Neeley's Home Ec class, and debris in the courtyard of the Powell Memorial. Band Hall is still there, as well as the entire front and auditorium.

The bell rang at the New Sam and kids started piling out - quietly I might add - in their kakhi and black polo uniforms. I was headed for the office to get permission to look inside the new building. I stopped a boy and girl and asked how they liked the new building. They said they missed the old school, but the new one was "sooo much better, and lot's of space. It's Beau-ti-full !" they said.  They deserve it. When we attended Sam, it was only 15 years old, and still new. The person on Bus Duty said she had been there for 8 years, and "everyone did everything they could to fix up the old school, renovate areas as much as possible, but it was time.." The building was no longer up to code.

The New Sam is a gorgeous place, and I'm proud of it, for the sake of the students today. As I turned to head for the office, I told the 2 kids "Good Luck fellow Tigers!"  They burst with pride and returned the greeting, "You too fellow Tiger!" 

That's Sam Houston Tiger Pride - no matter the generation!


04/11/19 05:44 PM #4322    


Judy Maxwell (1971)


Yes I have been watching it on the camera. It looks like a war zone and the third story section will be gone before we know it.

Glad the kids like the new building ~ they deserve it. Maybe with a fresh new building their minds will open to learning even more!!

Here is the latest shot I have . Judy



04/12/19 11:17 AM #4323    

Charles Ellis (1969)



04/13/19 08:55 AM #4324    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Thanks Judy for the updates.

04/13/19 11:26 AM #4325    

Jerry Deason (1962)

I welcome any communication from my friends. I wish all my friends the best. THANK YOU ALL. May the Lord bless you all and may he answer your prayers.

04/15/19 01:49 PM #4326    


Duncan McDowell (1968)

I passed through the old neighborhood one day last week after not being there for many years.  Man, I almost didn't recognize it.  Everything has changed so much!  About the only thing that looked familiar was the street names.

I wonder if anyone can give me an update or contact information for Darwin Cude or Candy Smith?  

I hate it that I was unable to attend our 50th Reunion.  I expect there will be less attendance for our 75th, LOL.  It is so sad so see the list of names of classmates who have passed away.  I can't believe there are so many gone!  But on the other hand, the many who post messages here seem to be doing quite well in most cases.  I think we learned a strong work ethic when we were young and it served us well in later life.  Also, I think we got a pretty good education at Sam, and that helped us as well.  I'm glad I had the parents I had and attended the schools I did.

I really enjoy reading everyone's posts here.  It brings back some great memories.  Thanks to everyone who participates in maintaining this website.

Duncan McDowell

04/16/19 10:11 AM #4327    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

I passed by Sam on Saturday. It does look like a war zone. Sad to see it go. I'm so glad my sister Shirley and I went to the tour. Judy you sure do keep us united through this site. Much hard work. Kudos to you.

04/16/19 01:49 PM #4328    

Robert Hinson (1969)

We It has been 20 months since Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to the lightning speed of FEMA ad State Farm Insurance we have Sheetrock and insulation installed in our house. It is all taped and floated and textured. We spent 18 months in our house, with the doctor telling us to move out because I was sick with respiratory infections and bronchitis. FEMA and State Farm said we could at our own expense. We have already paid $12,000 to store our furniture at our expense. I don’t understand why we pay the same FEMA insurance as others do, that they get a place to stay for health reasons that we did not receive a place to stay as others did. We are hoping the house will be finished by the middle of June.

This will allow us to come to my 1969 50th reunion. I am look forward to seeing many of my classmates that are in good health. I saw some at the first tour of Sam Houston earlier last year. It breaks my heart to see those that left this world, only hoping they had a walk with Christ. Many of I know did and some did not. 

04/17/19 09:00 AM #4329    

Sharon Justice (Black) (1982)

Robert, sorry to hear of your problems with FEMA.  I am a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster, a policyholder advocate.  In the future, reach out to me before you file a property claim.  I will be able to answer your questions.  713-300-2418 Black Label Adjusting,  Class of 1982


04/17/19 02:28 PM #4330    


Dolores Loocke (Ross) (1959)

About a year ago, someone asked me about Teacher Wanda Johnson. I don't remember your name and could not find our correspondence. I talked with Wanda Johnson today and would love to give you an uodate and also  let her know that you asked about her. Any Houstonettes that wants me to tell her you said hello, please let me know. It would really brighten her day. Thanks

04/17/19 04:13 PM #4331    


Dolores Loocke (Ross) (1959)

Wanda is not back in Texas. She lives in Arizona. Her health will not allow her to travel.  I will tell her that you said “Hello”. Thanks 

04/17/19 11:03 PM #4332    

Barbra Genie Carroll (Smith) (1962)

Tell her Barbra Carroll said hello.



04/18/19 10:42 AM #4333    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Thanks Kathy, Just trying to do my part!!


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