Patricia Kelly Sedberry

Profile Updated: May 19, 2019
Patricia Kelly
Class Year: 1971
Residing In: Dhahran Saudi Arabia
Spouse/Partner: John T. Sedberry (Tom)
Children: Amanda, born 1977
Yes! Attending Reunion
What elementary school(s)did you attend?

Peter Janowski

What Jr High (s) did you attend?

Luther Burbank

What street(s) did you grow up on?


Do you or your family still live or own your house that you grew up in?


Do you see or hang out with any class mates? Who?

Keep in Contact with Debbie Inglis

Where was your favorite HS hangout?

Jack in the Box

List your siblings and year.

Margaret Kelly (Mullins) 1964
James W Kelly 1968

School Story:

Stealing a Blinking Caution sign with Debbie Inglis, Lorraine Hyde and Glenda Anderson. It was to big to go in the trunk of the car so we had it in the back seat. We could not get it to stop blinking, those thing are really bright in car. We had sweaters and coats to cover the blinker, but it was still very bright. We finally decided it would be funny to leave it in a friends driveway.

What do you like to do in your spare time?


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Posted: May 19, 2019 at 11:23 AM