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From Paula Norris66 ..I went by my elementary, DeChaumes yesterday & discovered it will be bulldozed soon and rebuilt...the original building is now in such poor condition... the Principal assured me she would make this known to the public for picture taking time prior to the destruction of the building it is possible to make formal request for records which have now been packed & warehoused, but can be obtained....

it was nice to be able to walk thru the lunchroom + 2 other classrooms I was in for 3rd & 4th grad. 5th & 6th grade was spent in 'the shacks' as we called longer where they were then and completely replaced by 'newer shacks'
I remember the doors going into the classrooms. The building was new that 3rd grade year & they were stained, not painted, pretty crayolacolored, red, blue, yellow, orange....very subtle and memorable for me. Inside each classroom were permanent storage cabinets also stained the same colors to match the doors. These cabinets have now been painted over, but the paint job was poor & has begun to peel so you can actually see the original stain on the cabinets that once matched the doors. The original stained doors have been completely replaced. There were 2 'wings' of this classes were in the 2nd wing & the chalkboards of that wing are the with dk green lines. The first wing which must have held the younger students, the boards have been replaced with white acrylic.
one would need to submit

Valid Picture ID I let them copy my DriversLisc
Social Security Card Can be faxed to the office w/attention to the Principal
the SS card + the PictureID/DL have to be attached together with a formal written request...

A formal request for records needs to go something like..... name is Paula Pierce and I attended DeChaumes Elementary from 1956 - 1959
I was enrolled in 3rd - 6th grade at that time period

all of this can apparently be forwarded or mailed to the school
the Principal and a small staff seem to be still there working as this demolishing date approaches...

Principal Sandy Gaw's email
713 696 2680 could I forget this  1 & only group picture from DeChaumes...also '66Irene and '65CindyRead & the DeChaumettes...what did they Really Do ??  the DeChaumettes  ??   thanks to 66HowardMenville for scanning the picture of 66IreneRead & her cousin, 65CindyRead in the DeChaumettes....
I can see you all smiling like me....
if anyone has any more pictures of DeChaumes I would love to have them sent to me...'89 DeannaSampson who manages 1 of the SamHouston sites is posting them on her SamHouston site on facebook....for '89Deanna, different versions of bobby sox, loafers usually w/pennies, and what we called saddle oxfords...little scarves around our necks, a black poodle skirt...correct me someone ?  wasn't this the Fall of 1958 ???
names in group I remember are...if you can fill in the ?'s please do and click 'reply all' we'll all know..
the '65 & '66 are mostly SamHouston and Reagan...almost everyone here went on to SamHouston unless otherwise noted..
Nell J. Spiller was the teacher and this was a mixed group...Low 6th(the ultimate SHHS Class of 1966)  and High 6th(the ultimate SHHS Class of 1965)  I do believe
Row 1 Top 65MaryAnnCabeen/Reagan, 65DannyBurnaman, 66HowardLofton, 65FriedaWilliamson, 66NorvinKnutson, ?, 65KayVonStringer, 65LindaCoffey
Row 2  66BeckyCalhoun, 65MaryAnnAdams, 66DavidHefner, 65Donald ?, 66BillHoward, 66DonShepard, 66EugeneMeleski, 66RogerMooney, 65AndrewBounds, ?
Row 3  65 ?, 66/65 LindaBoyette, 66CarleneMize, 66GlennRoth, 65TerryKnight, 66KeithLandrum, 66GaryBox, 66RossDavidRollins, must've moved away, 66Bobby ?
BottomRow  66BarbaraRichardson, 66MaryLouMartin, 66PeggyMiddleton, 66MelodyRightmire, 66/65BrendaWaltmon, 66ElaineHopper, 65Kay~had a twin brother, 66CarleneNorwood, 66PaulaNorris ( I was pouting, didn't want to cross my ankles that day), 66CarolynRaymond 
..the cowboy hat fellow is 66KennethKey...I think he moved away and graduated from AldineHS..he had horses as several people did, on his house property on E Sunnyside, East off Bauman Road...the Landrums had horses as well...those neighborhoods were quite unrestricted in the day...
..for sure I'm leaving someone out who went there !  forward on to any you can remember or have emails for...

Connie Redden69