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07/18/20 11:59 PM #4684    

Len Wolff (1967)

I'm so sorry to hear about Astrid's passing, Peter. She was a lovely young woman; poised, intelligent, and witty. I always enjoyed her dry sense of humor. I often think of the snowball fight we had in your front yard. Astrid had a wicked good arm and a blazing fast(snow)ball!

07/19/20 12:10 PM #4685    


Linda Downey (McKnight) (1967)

Peter, I too lost my younger sister, Cheryl, class of 1970. She was killed in a head-on collision on her way home from work. I will always miss her. We were very close. I'm so sorry for your loss. 

07/19/20 02:15 PM #4686    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Peter, I, too, am so sorry to hear that you lost your sister.  The hurt of losing a sibling runs deep.  I lost my sister, Pam Reynolds - Class of 1967 in 2013.  I lost my twin brother, Coady Reynolds - Class of 1965, in 2009.  Pam was the flower girl in my wedding.  Coady and I played Roy Rogers and Dale Evans when we were young, sure miss that little cowboy.  :(

Jerry Deason, I know the grief you are feeling from losing your twin sister.


08/07/20 11:32 AM #4687    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Peter sorry for the loss of your sister. Prayers to you and your family. May your fond memories of her keep her alive in your heart always.

08/18/20 11:27 PM #4688    

Carol Bryant (Warren) (1970)

It takes a few days to get informaton actually posted on the home page, so I am posting here in the Forum so at least some people will see it until information gets added.




Unfortunately, with Covid-19 guidelines for the Venue and the deadline to have deposit refunded, the Committee made the hard decision that it was necessary to cancel the Reunion for this year. This was not a decision that any of us wanted for our class reunion.

If there is any way that we can get past the Covid-19 issue, the Committee will try to put together another date in 2021.


The Committee for the 50th Reunion

Sam Houston High School Class of 1970

08/19/20 09:50 AM #4689    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Carol, so sorry class of 70 has to cancel your reunion. Shirley my sister is in that class. Maybe I'll join her again like I did your 10th. Thats the only formal reunion I have attended. I even missed my 50th.

08/19/20 11:38 AM #4690    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hate to hear the 70 reunion is again cancelled but better safe than sorry. SInce there is no plans for putting one together at this time will refunds be made to us? (NEVER MIND I GOT YOUR EMAIL) I was going since that too is my sister Shirley's class and 71 had be invited. Please let us know and an outdoor picnic in the fall would be fun. I may see what I can do with Pinewood/Greenwood Group and include any that want to join us.

Thank for all you have done on trying to get us together


Everyone hang in ther and stay safe!!


08/20/20 12:27 PM #4691    


Rick Faircloth (1966)

Yes it is sad that the Class of 1970 had to cancel there 50th class reunion ,but maybe next they can hold a 50+1.

09/05/20 03:43 PM #4692    

Moses Clepper (1976)

David Zingelmann's birthday (Class of '76). RIP

09/06/20 09:06 AM #4693    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Roberto Padilla
OCTOBER 25, 1954 – AUGUST 31, 2020

Roberto (Bobby) Padilla, 65, of Houston, Texas, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, August 31, 2020. Born October 25, 1954 to Vicenta Romo and Juan Antonio Padilla, Robert was the third oldest of Vicenta and Juan’s six children. Robert attended HISD schools; Looscan Elementary, Burbank Jr. High and Sam Houston High School. He received his Associate in Applied Science degree in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration from North Harris Community College. On September 27, 1974, Robert began the most precious journey of his life when he married his high school sweetheart, Elaine Kleinecke. They met and fell in love in the 8th grade and were married for almost 46 years. Services Brookside on Eastex Freeway September 9th. Rest in Peace dear Friend.

09/07/20 06:10 PM #4694    

Monica Bianckino (Myska) (1972)

Monica Bianckino Myska 1972/1973

it's good to see all of the posts from friends of the past. This is my first post. I graduated with two graduating classes, 1972 and 1973 because I graduated one year early. My longest friend that I keep in touch with from Fonville Junior high Is Billie Pierucci Paul.  
I also recently had cocktails with Dr. Mike Stavinoha at the Houston racquet club. The club had been rebuilt after it was flooded by hurricane Harvey. My home in Richmond Texas was also destroyed by hurricane Harvey. It took us an entire year to rebuild and move back into the house.  During that time out of our house, we moved a total of seven times. My husband of 45 years, Jimmy Myska and I live in Richmond Texas and have two daughters, Noell Myska and Alexandria Myska Barrera. It would be nice to hear from classmates who remember me. I also graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1976  




09/08/20 10:44 AM #4695    

Michael Swan (1972)

Hi Monica!

I remember you from Sam, I think we had some classes together. Also, Mike Stav used to live 2 streets over from me on Colony, so we grew up together. I saw him when I got my gall bladder removed some years ago.

Hope all is well with you.

Mike Swan

09/08/20 09:17 PM #4696    

Monica Bianckino (Myska) (1972)

Did we have classes together? Does anyone remember Terry Henson? And where he is these days?

09/09/20 07:25 AM #4697    

Tommy W. Snider (1973)

I read these post all the time, but htis i my first time to reply. Is this the Mike Swan that lived on Fostoria? I remember well. Your mom was our cub scout den mother. We had lots of fun back in the day on all three of the main streets in our area, Fostoria, Dunham, and Colony.

We also remember Mike Stavinoah, but did not know he had become a doctor.

09/09/20 11:08 AM #4698    

Michael Swan (1972)

Hey Tommy, how ya doing? Yep, mom was cub scout leader. We had a lot of fun in the neighborhood back in the day. Hope all is well with you.

09/09/20 05:57 PM #4699    

Paul Hoffart (1972)

Hi, Mike and Tommy. I lived on Dunham at the end by Nordling and we all played football at the other end by Airline. It's good to read your posts, it brings back good memories. I hope ya'll are doing okay.

09/10/20 08:55 AM #4700    

Michael Swan (1972)

Hi Paul, yes we had some great football games in the vacant lot on Nordling. Hope you are doing well.

09/10/20 01:26 PM #4701    

Carter Boone (1972)

Might as well jump right in:Hi mike! Carter Boone here,I too am from the NORTHSIDE!

I am sure I remember you! 1964 IMPALA SS GREEN right!?

09/10/20 02:51 PM #4702    


Bonnie Artale (1971)

Hey you Guys, I lived on Nordling in the Poche house.  Anyone know or remember David Poche? His mom, my aunt, worked in the lunch room at Fonville.... Wish I could remember ya'll football games. The Poche's lived in that house before the streets were even paved in asphalt. 

09/11/20 11:02 AM #4703    

Michael Swan (1972)

Hey Carter - I had a '64 Impala black exterior, red interior. It got stolen from the A&P at Northtown Plaza when I worked there. Never got it back.

09/11/20 11:49 AM #4704    

Kerry Callaway (1966)

Bonnie Artale, remember David Poche at Burbank Junior High

09/11/20 01:47 PM #4705    

Monica Bianckino (Myska) (1972)

I lived on Northline Drive. Dad bought us a Renault to drive to school.  We would load it up with Dennis Tickner, Connie Phelps, and a couple of others. Dad said he could see the tires bending outwards from the weight  from inside the car  I went to Durkee Elementary, Ms. Taylor was the principal then. I also went to Fonville junior high.



09/11/20 03:54 PM #4706    

Monica Bianckino (Myska) (1972)

Not Connie Phelps. I don't remember her last name. Connie and Tickner married. 

09/14/20 07:18 AM #4707    

Tommy W. Snider (1973)

Hi, Paul.yes, I remeber the "good ole days".You lived next door to Ricky Lamb and Gary Pierce.

I know that Gary now rlives in Schertz, near San Antonio, but I don't know what ever happened to Ricky Lamb.

09/15/20 02:03 PM #4708    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

I was at Durkee from 1959-1965. I had Mrs. Meyers for first grad - very strict. Mrs. Wadsworth 2nd, Mrs Woods 3rd, Mrs. Fitzgerald 4th, Mrs. Bowlin 5th (JFK was assassinated and I was in her class. She and the other teachers were called to the Library. Larry Bray had a transistor radio with an earplug and he already knew what happened in Dallas), and 6th grade with Mrs. Booth.

My aunt was Mrs. Grayson 2nd grade, but I couldn't be in her class because we were related. Mrs. Taylor was the Principal and taught news man Dan Rather in 4th grade.

In first grade, Mrs. Meyers, the woman was so strict, I was afraid to go to school. Now they call it School Phobia. I would cry all the way to school and my mother would have to drop me off and tell me my whole day's routine. I loved it when she said, "Then you go to recess, then do Spelling, and then it's time to go Home"  She had to do this everyday. She requested that I be changed to another room, but Mrs. Taylor said, "She'll have to learn to get along with people and deal with situations." All my mother knew was, I was being taught in first grade by a teacher who wanted to teach 6th grade, was impatient with us little kids, yelled at us, threatened to make us spend the night at school if we didn't behave, and it was enough to give me ulcers by the end of the year.

When my Aunt Beth Grayson started teaching 2nd grade the next year, the first grade teacher came up to me as I approached my new 2nd grade classroom, and said, "Be sure to tell your Aunt Beth how much you LIKE Mrs. Meyers!"  In my little 2nd grade mind I shirked and walked away - a little kid's equivalent of saying "Bull Sh*#t".

The school nurse was there from before we '71ers were there until after we started college and beyond. It seems her name started with T, maybe. Then on to Fonville (Funville) and Ol' Sam.

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