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07/15/19 02:58 PM #4438    


Charlotte Pate (Poole) (1962)


07/16/19 05:01 PM #4439    

Charles Ellis (1969)

~ Wounder if they will have a putting green for the Golf Team?????

07/17/19 04:32 PM #4440    

Jerry Diver (1961)

Hard to believe our old school is gone. Had a lot of good memories there.

07/17/19 04:35 PM #4441    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Mary 4435 ~

Hope you were able to get on Oxblue site with the link posted. it is neat to go in and check out what they are doing, Plus with me not being in Houston anymore I can click on it and check the weather out. My sister Shirley (class of 70 with you) lives near the school ~ too bad i can't see her house from it. There are 2 pictures of her on Tidwell driving past the school.






07/18/19 11:20 AM #4442    


Mary Frances Bingham (McGEE) (1970)



Judy #4441 

I have not tried my husband was put in the hospital with chest pain and is having to have heart surgery and have not had time to check it out.  Hopefully I will soon I will let you know



07/24/19 04:11 PM #4443    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Mary, #4442

Oh NO!! Sorry to hear that. Prayers for him and for you. How is he doing?? Sorry I am just now seeing this! Please keep us posted on his status!!





07/26/19 06:27 PM #4444    


Lynda L. Voswinkel (Boehm) (1962)

For Class of 1962

Sam Houston 1962 "girls" are invited to share memories on Wednesday, August 14th. We will have a Brunch at 10:30 a.m. until? at 5911 Southern Hills Drive, Houston, 77069. This is in the Willowbrook Mall area of Houston. Hope to see lots of grads- please RSVP by August 10th at 830-837-2211. Estelle Mason Hudson


07/31/19 08:57 AM #4445    

Terry Largent (1970)

Would someone please re post the info for the 1970, 50 year reunion. some how I have lost it.

Thanks so much.

08/07/19 02:39 PM #4446    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hey Terry,

Did anyone respond to your request for 1970 reunion info?? I have not seen anything on 70, I know 69 has been planning for theirs. Let me find out and I will let you know...






08/07/19 04:24 PM #4447    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Terry, here is the info for 1970

Sam Houston High School Class of 1970 50th Reunion

(Classes of 1969 and 1971 welcome and Teachers complimentary)

Friday, April 17, 2020​​​   Meet and Greet

6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Sheraton Houston Brookhollow

3000 N. Loop West

Houston, TX 77092

Saturday, April 18, 2020​                 50th Reunion

6 p.m. – midnight.

S.P.J.S.T. Lodge

1435 Beall Street

Houston, TX 77008

Cash Bar:         CASH ONLY  Beer and Setups; bring your wine and liquor

Catering:          Taco Cabana (serving at 7:30 p.m.)

Menu:               Chicken and Beef Fajitas and fixings

​​ Tea and water 

Dress:               Business Casual – venue requires all men wear shirt with collar.

Cost:                NO REFUNDS

                        Before January 31, 2020               $50 per person

                        Before March 1, 2020                   $60 per person

                        At Door (CASH ONLY)               $65per person


Questions:  Mike Miller, Class Representative​​Carol Warren, Treasurer/Registration

cm​​ (underscore between first and last name)

​         Cell    -  832-998-7002​​            Cell   – 713-858-5882

Any Photos you wish to share of classmates past or present should be sent in digital format (jpeg) To: with SHHS 50th on subject line. Deadline March 15, 2020.



Since 1971 is invited maybe i will see you and Linda there.


08/11/19 06:08 PM #4448    


Charlotte Pate (Poole) (1962)


08/13/19 11:38 AM #4449    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

They are in the planning stages for a November gathering.


I will see how their planning is going and will let you know!


08/14/19 05:40 PM #4450    

Carol Bryant (Warren) (1970)

Class of 1970 50th Reunion informationis now in correct format at the lower portion of home page.  The copy some posted with incorrect shows an incorrect email to contact. Should be


08/24/19 10:55 AM #4451    


Eugene Knox (1972)

I snagged this off Facebook.  I know not everyone is on there.  Plus, I got it off the Burbank Jr. High page, and i realize there is really only a one in three chance, SHHS kids attended there.  lol   Wasn't 1957 one of the very first years SHHS was opened on Irvington?...

08/24/19 07:17 PM #4452    

Barbra Genie Carroll (Smith) (1962)

I think it was 1956.

08/25/19 09:00 AM #4453    


Eugene Knox (1972)

yeah Barbra, I believe you are correct.  I looked it up and it reads new location (9400 Irvington) 1955, so school year '55/'56.   The first yearbook on IrvingtonBlvd you can view on is the '58 one.   

08/25/19 11:43 AM #4454    


Ruben Garza (1967)

Samuel Baker  SHHS Class of 1968 passed away on August 18, 2019. He leaves his wife Susan and one daughter. He served as a Houston Police Officer and retired after 28 years in 2004. He attended Fonville Jr. High. He was a good friend. RIP Sammie.

08/25/19 11:54 AM #4455    


Judith Dunson (Satterwhite-Hilliard) (1961)

Pretty sure it was 1956.  My sister (Doris Ann Dunson) was to be a senior that year and was given the choice to stay at Reagan or graduate at Sam - she (of course) chose Reagan. I and my brother, Bill Dunson, graduated at Sam Houston.  I played a trumpet in the drum & bugle corps and have great memories of that time of my life.  We lived on E. Rogers Street (1 block south of Tidwell, 1 block west of Airline).  Our parents sold our home and moved north to 1960 in the mid-70's.  THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS VIDEO.  WOW - BLAST FROM THE PAST.  

08/26/19 08:16 AM #4456    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Judith,  thanks for that info!  You've answered a question that i was wondering,  where the northsiders went, before SHHS opened in 55/56.  In my old hood off Irvington and the loop, the older kids went to Jeff Davis.  SHHS, was then Central High School, downtown until '55.  So it makes perfect sense that your sis went to Reagan. street, one block outside of the loop, is exactly the same distance to Jeff Davis, or Sam Houston.  Also, i read where you grew up, and i have good friends that grew up off Veenstra, just opposite E.Rogers.  So happens, i am having a lucheon with two of them next month on my next trip down. 

08/26/19 09:42 AM #4457    


Rick Faircloth (1966)

I had a cousin A.R.Ginn who  was in the first class at the new SHHS that opened in 1955.  The boundary line between  SHHS and Davis was crosstimbers. As he lived outside theboundary line they allowed any student currentlt at jeff Davis to attend the new SHHS. However, later his younger brother  by 4 years wanted to start SHHS  like his older brother. He tried to go to SHHS becasue his grandmother lived 2 blocks inside the boundary line so he used her address. He only lasted about 1 week when they found  out  and he had to transfer to Jeff Davis.  

08/26/19 10:47 AM #4458    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

I'm not sure if it was posted before, but I wanted to let our class of '71 know that Vanessa Bennett passed away July 18. She lived in Longview, TX. She will be dearly missed. She was a SHHS Houstonette. I am posting her obituary.

08/27/19 10:42 AM #4459    


Dolores Loocke (Ross) (1959)

Sam Houston opened midterm 1956. I entered in High 9th and graduated in June 1959. A R Ginn was in my class. Nice guy. 

08/27/19 12:48 PM #4460    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Eugene, #4461: Thanks for sharing the link to the parade. I was 4 at that time so I don't thnk I was at the parade. Although we went to a lot of the parades held downtown. It was neat to see all the old cars on the street. The uniforms stayed about the same over the years. I loved that they had a tank in the parade.

Ruben #4454: Sorry for the loss of your firend Samuel Baker ~ R.I.P. Sam

Diane # 4468: Thanks for letting us know about Vanessa Bennett ~ I din't rememberit being on here. R.I.P. Vanessa




08/27/19 01:33 PM #4461    

Travis King (1958)

Rick Faircloth, i went to Sam with A.R. The first class at Sam was 1956.I graduated at age 17 in 1958.

08/28/19 11:25 AM #4462    

Carole Carson (1967)

Hi Ruben, 

You may not remember me but I was in elementary school with Sammy Baker. I remember he was always smiling ! He seemed like a very happy little guy.  I guess that is what got him through 28 years in the force. Such special bonds were made in our young lives that it is always good to know when one of us has our homegoing. You feel something even if you haven’t seen  them in a while. I hope that means there is still some live in our hearts. Thank you for that, Jesus. I appreciate your letting us know. Can pray for his family. 

Because of Grace, 

Carole Carson

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