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05/16/19 07:55 PM #4388    


Denise Woodyard (1969)

Calling all Sam Houston '69'ers! It's time to send in your $ for our 50th reuion! We will be ordering food and drinks soon not to mention dessert!  The price per ticket will increase soon, so send your $50 per ticket to: Denise Woodyard  (50th reunion) 2700 Jackson Rd. La Grange, TX 78945  I hope to see you guys there!  If you need information email me at 

05/16/19 10:32 PM #4389    

Carla Lee (Stagg) (1968)

A big thanks to those of you who posted pictures of the Sam Houston High School entrance.  I would have to say that the building was a non-descript generic-type school building.  However, the memories these pictures evoke are priceless to me.  Even though I only attended SHHS for two years, I developed wonderful life-long friendships, and had many happy, unforgettable experiences!  The demolition of our High School cannot eradicate those amazing memories!

05/16/19 10:48 PM #4390    

Shirley Culpepper (Brook) (1970)

Response to #4376  Deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Jerry Evans.  Although I did not know him, it saddens me when I hear of the loss of a fellow tiger.  May your memories of him make you smile. Rest in peace Jerry.

Enjoying the discussions of the building, memories, and especially Melrose Park.  Oh the fun times we had there.  Watching the planes was one of my favorites. . Many happy memories of girl scout events and family fun. So glad God gave us the ability to remember all these fun times that make us smile even after all these years. Keep posting.

05/16/19 10:52 PM #4391    

Elizabeth Ann Baranowski (Painter) (1974)

I remembered many a time standing before those steps for the school bell to ring.  Also, sitting on them after lunch.

05/16/19 10:56 PM #4392    

Elizabeth Ann Baranowski (Painter) (1974)

Also, after 1st period, the first floor girls bathroom was filled with smoke!

05/17/19 11:52 AM #4393    

Jacquelin Burnaman (Young) (1972)






Thanks for the Aegis page. Do you know what year it’s from? I was fascinated seeing the old phone exchanges in the ads. OX........ Ours was OX and I remember what a big deal it was when we had to change to numbers. My mother was not pleased. And one ad had a zip code. I thought that came much later. 

Dolores and Sherri, 

Thank you for the pictures,  Very nice memories. I’m really sad to see the old building go but nothing lasts forever.  

05/18/19 10:44 AM #4394    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)


The Aegis article was from the fall of 1964, featuring class officers for the class of 1965, January and June graduates.

The Hobby Flower Shop on Berry Road made the most fabulous mums.  They were very open to your creative designs, as well.

Wishing a good weekend to all my Tiger classmates!!



05/18/19 11:32 AM #4395    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

The Aegis article posted is from 1964. James Slaughter was in my brother Mike Grayson's class, and the caption under the photo said James was a Low-Senior, so that was the 1964-1965 school year. Ahhh, they were so young.


05/18/19 08:34 PM #4396    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

I remember some of the girls were stopped as they'd enter the school after the First Bell for Homeroom, and a teacher on morning duty would stop them to measure the length of their skirt if they suspected it was too short!  Some of us were sent to Mrs. Menzenmyer's office.  We had to kneel and she measured from the floor to the hem of the skirt. No more than 6 inches above the knee was allowed!  If the hem was too short, it had to be let out or get sent home. They did this at Fonville as well and PE Miss Johnson wasn't one to mess with. PE Miss Scott had some good ol' Lost and Found clothes for the ones who didn't have enough hem left to let out and avoid being sent home!  Good Ol' Miss Scott!

05/19/19 09:57 AM #4397    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

On the hemline issue. Good ole miss Scott made me wear the most aweful striped skirt over my yellow shirt dress that I sneaked out in. My dad also measured our skirt lengths. I was mortified to wear that skirt.

05/19/19 09:59 AM #4398    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

We saw Miss Scott at the final gathering at Sam Houston and took pictures. She looks the exact same. I dont know how to add pictures.

05/19/19 11:19 AM #4399    


Patricia Kelly (Sedberry) (1971)


Talking about skirt lenghts reminded me of Lorraine Hyde, may she rest in peace.

She was always one to buck the system, as much as possible.  She was sent home one day for her short skirt, she returned  the next day with a skirt to her ankles. Can you believe she was sent home for wearing a skirt that was to long.  Had to love Lorraine!

05/19/19 09:31 PM #4400    

Nancy Harantcavage (1969)

I always got sent home for short skirts.  Or mom had to bring me different clothes to wear.  I said my skirts are no shorter than other girls, but was told I had more leg sticking out.  She would sometimes make me take out my hem, and I would just go to class and staple it back up.  I would not have wanted to be one of my teachers.  I was terrible in school.

05/20/19 09:24 AM #4401    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

I remember the boys getting in trouble for hair length. One biy was told to cut his hair so he shaved his head. Then he had to wear a hat because it was " too short". Too many rules back then. But not enough now.

05/20/19 10:06 AM #4402    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Patrica, 4396.   I knew Lorraine Hyde well.  She was a lot of fun to be around, and dang good looking.  My junior year, i bought her ten speed off her, and it was promptly stolen a short time later...  Out of the front yard of her high school bf, Ronnie Foster's house.  Still crosses my mind, from time to time, how she passed.  trajic.   

05/20/19 08:10 PM #4403    

Carolyn Datray (Whitfield) (1964)

Does anyone know if there is a reunion for the class of 1964.

05/21/19 05:09 PM #4404    

Judith Neal (Crumpler) (1959)

It's good to see some of the post from the '59 class. It's too bad there isn't someone left from our graduating class that can't get a reunion together. My health won't let me. Maureen and I have been the decorating committee to

05/21/19 05:12 PM #4405    

Judith Neal (Crumpler) (1959)

For the last 3 reunions. There seems to be so fee of us left that are in fair heath. Wish someone could step up and get a reunion together.

05/22/19 11:13 AM #4406    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Judith Neal #4405 & 6

HI Judith, I see whre you are wanting to get a 59 reunion together. That would be nice and I can sure understand not having anyone that has the time or health to get one organized, BUT, I have found that if you just contact some of the ones from your class and start the word spreading to meet on at picked date, time and place that you can enjoy getting together with them without all the hassle. of a "full blown reunion" and more fun being casual.  We started a few years back with a group from Pinewood and Greenwood Village (the neighborhood we grew up in) we now have a yearly gathering and it is fun to catch up with friends. We met at James Driver Park (a park in the old neighborhood) brought picnic lunches and spent hours laughing catching up and talking about the good ole days.

So you may want to start on here and see who you can contact. Also in case you or others might not know....If you look to the left of this message forum there is a list of different places in this site you can go to, one being Classmate profiles, click on 1959 and it will bring up a list of who was in that year. You can click on each name (if they have registered) and message them about wanting to get together. If you are on Facebook (if not join, it's free) and search for names from class of 59. There is also a SAM page on facebook some could already be on.

Just a few suggestions so that maybe you and others from 59 can get in touch ~ No time like now to get started on a gathring.

Good luck and I hope you get a chance to visit with past classmates. You are also welcome to join us when we have our Neighborhood reunion or class of 71 when we have our next one.

Looking forward to seeing you on here too!!



05/22/19 12:42 PM #4407    

Mel Moy (1960)

I just wanted to post a shout out in memory of Jerry Evans, Class of '59.  He was one of those characters with a dynamic personality that every one seemed to like.  He was a cheerleader for one or more years.  The thing that I remember most of all was his role in the school's production of The Mikado.  I don't remember exactly why I saw so much of their practice and preparation because I was never in theater or stagecraft.  I think my homeroom was temporarily held in the Auditorium or something.  But I remember being impressed by how good Jerry was and how hard they worked yet having fun.  

05/24/19 08:08 AM #4408    


Albert (Don) Henderson (Biology)

Re: Post 4402, Eugene, Loraine Hyde was spoken of in your post. I was a a science teacher at Sam from '67-73 and Loraine was my cousin. She graduated from Sam and went to work and was living somewhere in a garage apartment. The way I understand it, she walked into her apartment and turned on a light only to be confronted with a gas explosion. There had obviously been a leak that she was unaware of and when she turned on the light the gas exploded. Loraine's parents had moved to Arkansas and Loraine id's me as a contact number. For some reason it was at least two days before anyone contacted me, but by that time they had contacted her parents. By the time I found out, she was in the hospital in critical condition. It was during graduation time at Sam and I had been assigned a duty, but I asked for permission to visit Loraine in the hospital, which I was granted. My wife and I went to the hospital and when we entered the room all I can remember was seeing her head the size of a basketball. What a tragedy for an enormously beautiful and sweet girl. She passed away a short time later and I have always regreted that I was not there for her. She had been visiting our  house in Spring and was the first to "get onto to me" for being too hard on my students. Loraine was a tender-hearted and loving individual.

05/24/19 03:16 PM #4409    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Mr. Henderson #4408

Wow ~ Your cousin Loraine Hyde I remember her well. I also remember back in maybe 2009 when you posted on her page letting us know what happened. You and your wife got to her as soon as you were able, sorry for your loss in such a tragic way.

R.I.P. Loraine Hyde




05/25/19 08:04 AM #4410    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Hello Don, #4408

You and i have had long coversations about Lorraine a few years back, 5 to 10 years ago, i believe on this web site, in private messages.  I am a life long friend of her, then boyfriend's family, Ronnie Foster, who sadly passed away May of 2018.  You were listed as attending this past '73 reunion Oct. 2018, and i did check with the hostess if you had made it out.  She said she had not seen you, and it was SO packed, it would have been easy to miss someone, especially since you usually have to read name tags all night, with our seniior pics on them.  LOL    Hope you/ve been well Don, and just to mention, i will be attending the '72 class 50th in 2022, and the '73 in 2023.  Regards, Eugene (Gene)

05/25/19 08:57 AM #4411    


Patricia Kelly (Sedberry) (1971)

#4408 & #4410

Eugene and Mr Henderson

Lorraine and I were good friends, I did not meet her until be both entered SH, we met in Miss Scott's home room. When she moved back to Houston, she lived with me. She obtained a job and shortly after she moved in to that garage apartment. The day of the fire, Lorraine and I were going some place after work. I was picking her up at her apartment, I drove up just as the ambulance was taking her away. I provided the Houston fire department with Lorraine's parents contact information that day.  it still brings tears to my eyes thinking of Lorraine and that day.  I think everyday of my life, If she had only stayed at my place she would still be alive. 

It was suspected that there was a leak in the gas line of a secondhand stove she has just purchased. They suspected that she entered the apartment crossed the living area to her bedroom than flipped on the light switch. That light switch spark set the fire. There was a hero that day, her neighbor he saw her go into the apartment and when he saw the fire he got her out, I don't how he did it but that was the information I was told by the HFD that day.

05/25/19 10:52 AM #4412    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Patricia, Eugene, and Mr. Henderson your posts show just how quickly and unexpected tragic things can happen. We have no control over events like this and can change our lives and the live of our loved ones. Sorry for all those that have lost loved ones and friends like this. Take care. Judy

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