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04/27/19 01:53 PM #4359    


Dolores Loocke (Ross) (1959)

Hi Bobby,  I am surprised, but  have not heard anything about a 60th reunion. 

So many folks that worked on the reunions, in the past, are in ill health or have left this ole world for a better place.  If I hear anything, I will certainly let you know. 

Hope this note finds you doing well. 

Good to hear from you, Dolores





04/28/19 09:37 PM #4360    

Judith Neal (Crumpler) (1959)

I'd like to know if there will be a 60th reunion for '59 also.

04/28/19 09:37 PM #4361    

Judith Neal (Crumpler) (1959)

I'd like to know if there will be a 60th reunion for '59 also.

04/29/19 08:12 AM #4362    

Bobby Grigsby (1959)


I think many of those who usually planned reunions may have died. I wonder who we could contact to get something going?  

04/29/19 11:39 AM #4363    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Bobby #4362

HI Bobby, The class Rep listed for 1956-1959 is Larry Chelette ~ His email addres is:

You may try emailing him, he is from class of 1957. His profile is still active. If he can't get any information for you then you can email Connie Reden Hopper or if you look to the left of this page you see the list of places in the site you can go like Classmates profiles ~ Info/Messages-Public ~ Facilty ~ etc....there is a "contact us" that will get in touch with the Admin. of this site and maybe they can tell you something more ~ or ~ you Dolores and Judith from 59 could start planning one. Start sending out notices to classmates and see what they would like to do.  

Let me know if I can be of any help! I am a party planner on the side so I give ya some pointers!

It would be a shame not to get together for your 60th! Even of it was something small.

Good Luck



04/30/19 03:54 AM #4364    

Jerry Poole (1964)

My oldest brother, Tim Poole has worked on the 59 Reunions in the past but I am sad to inform the 59 class in case you have not heard, he passed away Jan.28, 2017. May he RIP. I do not know the names of any of the others that he worked with on the Reunions. I hope you can find out the information you are looking for.  I am in the same boat, I am a 64 grad and I have not heard if we are going  to have  a 55 Reunion.  Jerry Poole

04/30/19 10:12 AM #4365    

Janie Brown (Jones) (1963)

Is your brother the Tim Poole who married Phyllis Roach?

04/30/19 10:36 AM #4366    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Jerry Poole I'm so sorry to hear about Tim's passing. I hope you and Pamela are doing well. Tell Pamela hello from her hair model for cosmetology class. We won 1st place too.

04/30/19 12:30 PM #4367    

Bobby Grigsby (1959)

It will be difficult for me to participate in planning a 60th reunion  for the Class of ‘59 as I live in the DFW area. Thanks Judy and Jerry for your responses and for the information. Jerry, I did know that Tim died and that he was instrumental in planning past reunions. I’m so sorry for your loss.  If anyone wants to start the planning process, I will help In anyway that I can from a distance.





05/02/19 03:34 PM #4368    


Mary Dill (Willyerd) (1960)

Hi,  Has anyone heard who is working on the 60th reunion?  I would be happy to help.

05/04/19 11:01 PM #4369    

John Huettel, II (1968)

Margaret and Roy Mudd came for a visit last Wednesday....plans were made to visit shhs for bricks and ? Thursday morning it's raining then clears....we decide after lunch to go to melrose park and play home run derby.....Roy and I  gathered some gloves and forty tennis balls also took wood bats size 28 and 29....same size when we played in little league.....the last time we played ball on Keaton field we were ages 7 to 12.....great memories then as well as now...we survived playing home run derby with only muddy shoes and sore balls and little bats don't work well together.....the balls tend to crush when you hit them really hard.....Roy hit three over the 165' left field fence and myself hit a grand total of after batting at over a hundred pitchs we both called it a fun time....on Friday Roy and I drove to shhs and went into the demo was raining at this time and only one machine was operating near the office area far from guy walked up to us and Roy asked for some bricks...him and another worker started grabbing bricks for us....also we got out and we were told if a brick had a black spot leave as those might have asbestos on them....after we got a few another guy came up and said boss said to leave....we thanked them and left....we then drove around to the entrance of the new school and went to the office hoping to tour ....the front door was locked till someone let us in....after talking to security we where sent back thru those locked doors...we then drove over to Burbank elementary.....well the nice people took us into the main building and walked us down to one end where our 5th grade room was (mrs. Starr)......the wood floors were gone as well as the looked good to be built in 1927....finished off the day by stopping at big burger v......a great trip back to the north side.....God bless......John Huettel '68

05/05/19 11:09 AM #4370    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

How awesome to have a blast from the past John and Roy Mudd. I drove past Melrose Park yesterday on the way to downtown. Remembered many happy times at the park with my family. I still love the Northside.

05/06/19 01:06 PM #4371    


Lynda L. Voswinkel (Boehm) (1962)

John, I loved hearing about the adventure that you and Roy had.We had some good times growing up on the Northside.

05/06/19 02:25 PM #4372    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

They're moving right along on the 3-story Main building. Miss Bibee's class and all the others in that section is gone! You can see to the courtyard and the trees, and the other 2-story classroom building. All of our memories are still with us, and all we learned still remain. It's not the building that keeps them.

05/06/19 04:00 PM #4373    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Well I too went by SAM when I was in Houston the week-end following John and Roy's visit.....I guess the workers must be getting tired of us brick seekers as both times when I went by they had the gate shut and locked. Now I am only there on the week-end so they may still keep it unlocked during the week. There were some workers there on Saturday and they were nice about letting you get a few things......

I see they have kicked into high gear on the end of the 3 story section. It want be long now!!

John, we use to go to Melrose park ~ my brother took his gas engine airplane there to fly it, (they use to have a place to fly them) Several people had planes to fly, I can remember thinking they sure take a long time to get ready to fly, then the excitement of it's off the ground, short lived as a second or two later it has crashed and the long time of getting it ready to take off again would start.....Seemed like everyone did the same thing so I guess it was not my brother that was not able to keep his plane in the air.....maybe the fact they were all kids trying to fly them. But is was fun!! The metal slide was so hot in the summer sun you could hardly stand to slide down it.. Our church would hold pot luck suppers there in the big building. Then when we were teen agers we went there to play tenns and soft ball. The good ole days!!






05/11/19 09:47 AM #4374    


Faye Pietrowski (Schindler) (1968)

I visited the job site of our Sam Houston High School last week for a final good bye   It didn’t take about an instant when the job foreman told me I had to leave this secure sight. Holding two bricks, I get in my car and they drive away. One of the workers approach me and asked if I needed more bricks. I said yes, please two more. He threw them in my car from the passenger side window. As I stared at our building, I just remembered all the great friendships made here. We were blessed with good teachers back then that really loved us. Good bye Sam and one more chapter closes in our lives.  So Jody, Doris,Hope, I got our bricks.  Lol!!!

05/11/19 11:58 AM #4375    

Gloria Bolding (McReynolds) (1968)

Looking at the OxBlue site this morning, is the section they're tearing down now; where Mr. Hamner's classroom was?

05/13/19 08:58 PM #4376    

James A. Drake (1961)

Jerry Evans 1959 grad past away May 8. He was very popular and was well liked .Fun to be with.Will miss him.  James Drake

05/14/19 12:57 PM #4377    


Dolores Loocke (Ross) (1959)

Does anyone have a good picture of the front of SHHS, before it was remodeled, that shows the front porch? I have searched the web, but have not found one.  I spent many an hour on that front porch, waiting for the bell to ring to begin the day. The photos in the yearbooks (I have1956-1960) do not show a good shot of the front porch. If you have one, would you be so kind as to scan and share it on this forum?  I would much appreciate it.

I am sorry to hear of Jerry Evans' death.  He was such an integral part of the activities at Sam during my years there.    .


05/14/19 10:25 PM #4378    


Sherri Cosgrove (Drake) (1964)

#4377      In response to Delores Locke (Ross) Don't know if this will post or not.   I haven't tried to post a photo in the forum/messages here.   but her goes I will try.  this was from the 1962 annual ...I looked in the '62 and the '63....and this was the only thing I could find that I think you might be talking about. 



05/14/19 10:58 PM #4379    


Dolores Loocke (Ross) (1959)

Sherri, You are so sweet to take the time to research this  I have saved the photo in my album  Thank you so much  Dolores


05/15/19 07:33 AM #4380    


Sherri Cosgrove (Drake) (1964)

#4379  Delores, You're welcome... wish I could have found others...but that was all I found.  that showed that part the best. 

05/15/19 09:34 AM #4381    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Delores #4377

I did look at my yearbooks, and the '71 book has two color photos, that are almost what you are looking for, but kinda misses the mark.   I do want to add, that you can view most yearbooks from 1959, 60s and 70s yearbooks on  I think you might have to joint that site to view yearbooks, but maybe not.  Open the link and find yearbooks.   you have to select TX, then "H" Houston, the school by selecting "S", then you can look at all the years that they have copied.  Again, they don't have all of them, but you can spend a lot of time looking up old friends before you realize how much time has gone by!  lol

05/15/19 03:26 PM #4382    


Judy Maxwell (1971) does have a copy of the past yearbooks. If you go to and look at yearbooks. The 1958 yearbook has some pictures of the old front of SAM.  I was just on there and could see the pictures and there was no charge to look.....


05/15/19 04:00 PM #4383    


Dolores Loocke (Ross) (1959)

Judy,  Thanks.  I have the '58 yearbook, which does have shots of the building, but not quite what I am hoping to find.  I would love to have a frontal shot of the front porch and entry.  I will check out classmates.  I was a  member, at one time, but did not renew my membership. Thank you for looking for me.

Anyone happen to have a snapshot that you can share?  Thanks in advance. 


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