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11/21/18 12:02 PM #4142    

Mel Moy (1960)


It looks like you folks did a quality job on your 50th Reunion.  I would like to congratulate you and all those on your committee for an excellent execution.  It’s a lot of work and worry to pull off.  After all that hard work I would hate to see anyone on the committee come up short on the finances.  I see that you are selling DVD’s of the photo’s taken at the Reunion as well as photos from the past for reminiscing.  I hope that you are contacting all the classmates to make them aware of the DVD.  You probably had a commercial company prepare the DVD  at a cost to arrive at the $35 figure.  You might want to let folks know how many you need to sell to cover your costs.  Reunion photos become precious quickly as life takes its toll.  So I would encourage your classmates to grab a DVD at the first opportunity.  You’ll find yourself looking over them a lot more than you thought you would.

11/21/18 03:14 PM #4143    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Mel Moy

You are SO right.....Not only a lot of hard work but then the time and energy to track people down or to try and recoop your losses....Hope everyone that said they wanted  DVD will come forward and get theirs....I was thinking about asking you if you had extras to sell to anyone even if not class of 68. Could be old friends you know. Were any on the school tour on the Saturday morning of your reunion included in the DVD.....Some may want to get it so they can have pictures of the original school.....

Good Luck getting them sold....



11/22/18 01:36 PM #4144    


Ruben Garza (1967)

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Sam Grads!!! Have a safe one!

11/23/18 11:05 AM #4145    

Shirley Maxwell (Pace) (1970)

Thanks Ruben Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

11/23/18 12:47 PM #4146    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hope everyone survived all the food yesterday,,,,,,Funny how we spend hours cooking......short time eating and then hours cleaning up everything.....

Hope you spent the day with the ones you care about and enjoyed your time thankful for loved ones and time with them.



11/24/18 03:58 PM #4147    

Rita Simms (Bane) (1971)


I really had  great day Thursday,I was Thankful for God Son and his wife and 2 of his Sons and a lot of their friends, I lost Karen almost 2 years ago aND Beau text me and invited me for Thanksgiving.He did most of the cooking and I stood in front of the sink cleaning.First Thanksgiving I've enjoyed in years.My kids always have to go out of town.

11/27/18 07:52 AM #4148    

Brenda Kimich (1979)

Is anyone planning a 40th reunion for the Class of 1979?

11/27/18 01:05 PM #4149    


Patsy Koch (Young) (1964)


The alumni pix taken last month I can tell you on the front row in a marroon blouse is Beverly( Mead )Webster and she graduated 1964.

11/27/18 05:20 PM #4150    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Just an FYI......I got the following email from Mr. Summers the principal at SAM HOUSTON:

Summers, Alan L

Greetings, Tigers! 

We are excited to hear that you plan to attend Tiger Open House on December 15th from 2:00-7:00 pm! 

As you may be aware, we will begin the Spring semester on January 7th in our new building.  This means that between now and December 21st (the last day of this semester), teachers and staff will be packing for the move.  I mention this because I want you to be aware that the building will likely appear a bit less orderly than usual as we will be in the midst of the sorting and packing process. 

We will have extra yearbooks from some years as well Sam Spirit Wear available to purchase.  It had been our hope that we would have bricks and locker fronts available on December 15th.  However, we were made aware last week by the construction team that getting bricks and locker fronts while the building is still in use is not going to be possible.  Please do not worry.  We WILL have bricks, locker fronts, and mementos from the gym available for sale to support our scholarship fund by mid-January and will publicize the date and times by emailing everyone who has signed up for the December 15th event and posting on our school website and on Twitter. 

My Reply to him:

Mr.. Summers,
Thanks for the information...I also wanted to thank you for stopping in to say Hello to us when we were there touring. There are several who are interested in getting bricks etc......thanks for keeping us up to date on those items. I also want to mention to you there are several who liked the pavers idea that Roy Mudd mentioned while on tour .......If we sold pavers with past alumni name and year graduated that would be a way to pay for sidewalks and walkways.  One company that does this for fundraisers is "Bricks R US" ....Please let me know if the school would be willing to do a fundraiser like this and I will help get the word out there and help get them sold.
Again thank you for the email and information.
Please let me know who I may contact about the fundraiser.

So we know there will be a delay until January on the items they are selling....If you are interested in getting a paver bought with your name and year of graduation please keep an eye on this site for updates to the schools answer to that.





12/13/18 12:34 PM #4151    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hey where is everyone??? No topics you want to mull over?? I am heading to Houston this week-end to get the last of my Christmas shopping done and my Brother is having a Birthday on Saturday the 15th,,,he graduated from Sam also.

The Sam Houston "Open House" tour will be going on Saturday from 2-7 PM. I will try and make it by at some point but I am going to the Vereran's Cemetery for the Laying of the Wreaths. I have a couple of family members buried there and Danny and I always sponser 2 wreaths each year for the ceremony. This year I am also participating in laying wreaths on the graves, So it will be a full week-end of celebration.

Maybe I will run into some of you at the Open House

Be Safe




12/13/18 07:04 PM #4152    

Marilyn Green (Lewellen) (1969)

Just this morning I learned of the passing of another of our alumni family, Lynna Kay Shuffield, class of 1975.  Will post funeral arrangements when I hear.

12/14/18 03:57 PM #4153    


Mary DE Lois Finch (Brown) (1960)

Hi Judy,

Both my parents are buried at the VA Cemetary.  They share 1 grave near the memorial on the circular drive.  My grandson's memorial was there but his mom kept his ashes.  I don't know if there is a plaque for him or not. Who did you contact to volunteer to lay wreaths.  I would love to do that perhaps next year.

12/14/18 04:15 PM #4154    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Judy Maxwell, my sister Shirley and I are going to the open house tomorrow. Hope to see you there.

12/14/18 06:41 PM #4155    

Rita Simms (Bane) (1971)


Hello Judy,I have beeN trying to get well think I finally turned the corner.What time do you think you might be at Sam Houston tomorrow?I would like to see you and Shirley both.Try to get back with me please, I'm not going to stay long for I have way to much to do in 10 days.

12/15/18 06:14 PM #4156    


Todd Applegate (1969)

Well, it’s 5:15 on Saturday the 15th and I’m here at SHHS. Seem the tour had been put off as the new building isn’t ready. They were giving tours of the old building, which I’ve already seen. Heard that the tour is going to be  in February.  If anyone hears something, post it.  Happy Holidays, everyone!


12/15/18 10:26 PM #4157    


Joseph Harris (1974)

So great to see my classmates and childhood friends today at the December 15th tour. 

So many good memories! Handshakes and hugs will never be forgotten!

Happy Holidays to all!

Blessing of love, joy, peace and prosperity to all!

12/16/18 12:03 PM #4158    

Tracy Barton (Hudack) (1987)

Todd I saw you outside under the LBJ tree!

12/17/18 11:25 AM #4159    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Mary #4153

Wreaths across America is who you can contact. You can go online and volunteer. It is a very rewarding thing for me. I have sponsered wreaths with them for a few years now and this year was part of the laying of the wreaths. We layed 45,000 Saturday!!



12/17/18 11:26 AM #4160    


Judy Maxwell (1971)


You should have called me. I would have met up with ya. I had been to the laying of the wreaths that morning and running errands .....SOrry I messd ya.




12/17/18 12:58 PM #4161    

Rita Simms (Bane) (1971)

Judy it seemed as there was not that much to see or do on this tour.I see you next month at the Happy Hour.Hope Shirley is doing well.

12/19/18 05:28 PM #4162    


Judy Maxwell (1971)


Yes it was the old school tour again and I have been there twice in the last few months. I know with all the bad weather the work is behind schedule and when I got the email about the delay in the sale of items.....Saturday was Bubba's birthday and I also had volunteered to go lay the wreaths at the Veterans Cemetery.....I helped lay 45,000 it was a great program and ceremony and when I finished with that Shirely and I had some running to do.....getting ready for Christmas...I went by the school around 6 and it was pretty much over with then.

Any time you want to meet up with us just call one of us ....I am not always looking at this site or FB....We could have run with you last week-end.

I am coming back on Friday night and we will get with Martha and her family Saturday to do Christmas and them we will be at Shirleys' son's in-laws on Christmas Eve. then Mom's Christmas Day....Give us a shout if you wnat to join us Friday night for supper (Shirley, Bubba and me) Shirley is getting some better.,,, thanks for asking. I wore her out on Saturday.....goinmg from one store to another. We started around Noon and ended up around Midnight.

Looking forward to starting off the new year with the Happy Hour in January.....See you then Rita if not before!!




12/23/18 02:35 PM #4163    


Ruben Garza (1967)

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!! :)

12/24/18 10:33 AM #4164    


Lynda L. Voswinkel (Boehm) (1962)

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

12/25/18 08:24 AM #4165    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the Sam Houston Alumni. May you all have a healthy and prosperous new year.

12/25/18 11:59 AM #4166    


Beverly McNease (Boudar Reed) (1968)

MERRY CHRISMAS!!! All praise be to Jesus, Who lowered Himself to be born into this world (which, by the way, He created!) as a mere human... for the sole final purpose of being humiliated and tortured unmercifully and then dying as a sacrifice... IN OUR PLACE... on a cruel rugged cross so that He could offer us the free gift of having our sins forgiven and the promise of life eternal in heaven with Him... if we only believe. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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