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01/12/19 12:33 PM #4192    


Laurel Anne Gibson (Skinner) (1974)

Judy. I would love to see the video of Scarborough. Can she put it on FB. “I’m from the north side”. Maybe. 

01/12/19 04:04 PM #4193    

Dorothy Walley (Williamson) (1969)

Juanita Read '69

All of the info on the 50th reunion for the Class of '69 is now posted on the home page.  Anyone interested in the reunion should note that invitations or reminders will not be mailed out, but information will be posted here and you will be contacted by a committee member either by email or phone.   Committee members contact info is on the home page with the other reunion info.


01/15/19 08:42 PM #4194    


William E. Cain (1965)

I found this picture in my deceased Mom's files and was wondering if anyone out there.knows anything about it. I believe it to be a class at Coop Elementary in the early 1950's. Does anyone recognize themselves or siblings? How about the teacher?

01/16/19 08:46 AM #4195    


Paula Ruzicka (1972)

#4194  William Cain, I don't recognize the teacher! 
I thought it may be Mrs. Baker, E.R. Coop's kindergarten teacher that taught generations! 
And, the students look older than kindergarten.

01/16/19 09:07 AM #4196    

Magdelyne Almquist (Wages) (1965)

Yes,  William I am in the picture (third girl to left of teacher with ribons in her hair).
Don't remember the teachers name, but want to think it was first grade.  Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us.  Good ole Coop those were the days.
Who else do we know on this picture?

01/16/19 09:08 AM #4197    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

William Cain My sister Barbara Culpepper is on the top row. She was born 1946. I dont know the year of this pic. She graduated 1965 from Sam Houston. If its Coop elementary then this was kindergarten or 1st grade. Barbara is second from right top row. We moved to pinewood village when I was 3 or 4 1953/4.

01/16/19 09:17 AM #4198    

Magdelyne Almquist (Wages) (1965)

That most definately is Coop.  William is that you on the middle row in front of the teacher?

I also see Kathleen Gibbons, Fran Doolan, Annette Luck, Judy Blackman, and I believe 

Earnest Carr.

01/16/19 09:40 AM #4199    


Mary DE Lois Finch (Brown) (1960)

Kathy #4197,  I remember when you lived on Turner.  Barbara and I were friends and played together.  My heart was broken when you moved  to Pinewood Village.  I think of her often and wondered how she was doing.

01/16/19 10:42 AM #4200    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Mary #4199. My Dad delivered me in that house on Turner dr. I dont know the number but would love to see it, if still standing. My beautiful sister Barbara Culpepper died in 2003 of breast cancer at 56 yrs old

01/16/19 10:54 AM #4201    


Tommy Rust (1966)

Ernie Carr second from left middle row.

01/16/19 11:25 AM #4202    


Marilyn Maniscalco (Henley) (1965)


William Cain - would it be ok with you if I shared this picture on the Sam Houston 1965 class Facebook page? And, to those who commented with names and where the person is located in the photo, may I put that info in, too? If you are on FB, and not a member of the page, especially those within 3 years of  the1965 class, feel free to ask to join (on FB). 


01/16/19 03:38 PM #4203    


Barbara Brandes (Peters) (1968)

All Classes.....Reminder about Happy Hour at Holiday Inn on David Memorial Street in The Woodlands area this Friday 4:30 to 7 pm. Our attendance is increasing. Enjoyed meeting new classmates. Hope you will join us.

01/16/19 09:01 PM #4204    


William E. Cain (1965)

Thanks to everyone that responded to the Coop School picture:

     Magdelyne - I am in the middle row, fourth from the right. Could you please tell me where Kathleen Gibbons is in the picture? I am trying to list the ones we know on the bottom of the picture and will then share with anyone that wants a copy.

      Kathy Culpepper - Thanks for identifying your sister for me. I remember her at Sam Houston but would not have been able to pick her out in this photo.

      Tommy - Thanks for pointing out Ernie.

       Marilyn - Yes please share the photo and all info that you would like. If you need the original scan I can email it to you. If you want I will send it when I get all the names that we know added.

This is the names that we know or guess:

   William Cain: middle row fourth from left,   Barbara Culpepper: top row second from teacher

   Magdelyne Almquist: top row third from teacher,    Judy Blackman: middle row sixth from right

    Annette Luck: middle row sixth from left,   Fran Doolan: middle row fifth from left

     Ernie Carr: mioddle row second from left,    Carolyn Kidder: front row first on left side

If anyone disagrees with any I have listed or can identify more please let me know.

01/17/19 07:30 AM #4205    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

It's ok to share picture on Facebook. I shared with Barbara's daughter. She really appreciated seeing that picture of her Mom. Thank you.

01/17/19 09:10 AM #4206    

Magdelyne Almquist (Wages) (1965)

Kathleen is first girl middle row on left.

The following I am not 100% sure of maybe somebody else can confirm.......

First boy on top row left.....Ricky Frizzel

Top row sixth student from left.....Dennis Ostrasil

First row 4th from left.....Sandra Ainsworth

Middle row 10th from left.....Sandra Gardner

01/17/19 09:36 AM #4207    


Mary DE Lois Finch (Brown) (1960)

Kathy, #4200   I remember when you were born.  Barbara was so excited.  I am so sorry to hear about Barbara's passing.  Some of my best memories were of our times together.   We lived at 1922 Turner.  You lived across the street and 2 housed down toward Westfield. Now there is a road crossing Turner that runs beside the property.  I have not been by in some time so I am not sure if your house is still standing.  My daughter is a breast cancer surviver.  I wear pink every Friday in her honor...I will honor Barbara as well.

01/17/19 12:49 PM #4208    

Susan Havens (Gregory) (1972)


Here is an "oldie" from Burbank Elem from the 60's

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01/17/19 12:51 PM #4209    

Susan Havens (Gregory) (1972)

Inline Image Not Displayed

01/17/19 12:55 PM #4210    


Marilyn Maniscalco (Henley) (1965)

William Cain, thank you. Yes, please email the original photo, even before you get all the names. I posted my email address to your profile area. You may already have it, though. I will post it on the 1965 Facebook page and share the names already known. Our classmates love trying to identify people in these photos, so I may get even more for you. I’ll email those to you. Thank you. 

01/17/19 02:11 PM #4211    

Rex Brown (1961)

What address does one enter to join this group.  Have an old friend who is a grad who wants to join.

01/17/19 05:30 PM #4212    


William E. Cain (1965)

Thanks Magdelyne. I will use those names on the photo unless someone can tell us different.

01/18/19 08:13 AM #4213    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Mary #4207. Thank you so much for the remembrance of my sister. It's nice to know someone out there still remembers when.I think I will take a drive to Turner Dr. And take a walk on memory lane.

01/18/19 08:14 AM #4214    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Mary #4207. And God bless you and your daughter. I will keep you both in my prayers. I love this site. It is beautiful to reach out and touch our past.

01/18/19 10:07 AM #4215    


Mary DE Lois Finch (Brown) (1960)

Kathy #4214  I agree that touching the past is good.  It is what makes us who we are in the present.  Let me know what you see.  Last time I drove down Turner, it had changed so much, I almost missed my house. Do you still live on the north side?  I have lived in Willis for the last 20 years.   I am still working in the Houston Medical Center (40 years).  Thinking about retirement!


01/18/19 05:58 PM #4216    

Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Mary 4215. Yes I'm in Spring for 40 years. Retired. Remarried almost 20 years. Awesome you are still working. My best friend lives in Willis. Nice area.

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