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09/16/20 03:42 PM #4710    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Hello Tigers, I thought you would like to see a class photo of Mrs. Denson’s homeroom at Burbank. Only high 9th grade groups were taken and published in a yearbook. If you were in the High 9 at Burbank in 1962 and would like me to submit your class picture, please let me know! It is fun seeing these young smiling faces. 😁


Hope everyone one is staying safe!!

09/16/20 03:43 PM #4711    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

09/17/20 12:12 PM #4712    


Janet Frenchmeyer (Tatom) (1971)

Caren is JoAnn in that picture



09/17/20 06:19 PM #4713    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)



Prayers are requested for Terry Liles, Class of 1965, and his family.  Terry has terminal cancer and is in hospice care at his home.  Bobby, Class of '66, shared what a wonderful brother Terry has been and has been a rock for his family. Terry has been married for 50 years, has 4 sons, and 5 grandchildren.

I am sure many classmates will remember Terry as I do.....a real sweet and great guy with a winning smile.


09/18/20 02:48 PM #4714    

Kerry Callaway (1966)

Prayers for Terry and Family,I remember Him and Bobby at Burbank Junior High...

09/18/20 04:11 PM #4715    


Danney VAN McCoy (1966)


09/19/20 10:44 AM #4716    

Carole Carson (1967)



Dear Classmates, 

Ref: Caren's post 4713

So loving for you to allow us to know about precious friends from the past , like these, who have now passed on or are in hospice. They were both such  good friends to many. It was very edifying to have them in my life back then. Your notice reminds us all how important the fruits of the Spirit still are as we share them into other people's souls. It reminds us they may sustain others  even for a lifetime or remind them how the kindness of others is still so necessary in this dark world. 
Caren, can't thank you enough!

Carole Carson, '67

Houstonette Chaplain








09/19/20 01:20 PM #4717    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Dear Classmates,

Sadly, on this beautiful September morning, I have been asked to let everyone know how much your prayers have been appreciated by the Liles family.

Message from Bobby Liles:  Terry left Texas this morning at 1:30 am on a one way flight to heaven.  His passing was very peaceful and he's not having any trouble breathing.  

Blessings and peace to the Liles family and all of our Tiger friends,



09/19/20 01:54 PM #4718    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Janet Frenchmeyer (Tatom) #4712

Your sister, JoAnn, was not in this class picture.  I looked at all of the homeroom groups and could not find her.  I am wondering if she was absent??

JoAnn's friendship was very special.  I remember having sleepovers at your house, dancing in your living room, and the kindness of your mother.  I was able to dance on the Larry Kane Show because of JoAnn.  She, also, was the first one to "tease" my hair for the Burbank Fall Festival and fixed my hair for the Houstonette Mother-Daughter Banquet in 10th grade.  I am sad that we lost track of each other.  She was a beautiful girl!


09/19/20 02:00 PM #4719    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Shirley Lunsford:

You requested the picture of your homeroom - Ms. Gordon

Terry Liles is standing next to you:

09/20/20 09:37 PM #4720    

Paul Hoffart (1972)

From post 4707
Tommy I've been living in Tyler for last 20 years, so I haven't been in contact with anyone from Sam or the old neighborhood. But it sure is good to hear from ya'll.

09/21/20 01:59 PM #4721    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Dear Classmates:

Services for Terry Liles are as follows:

Viewing - Sunday, Sept. 27, 2:00-5:00pm, Rosewood Funeral Home, Humble. TX

Funeral Services - Monday, Sept. 8, at 11:00am, St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, 527 S.Houston Ave., Humble, TX

Graveside immediately after services, Houston National Cemetery, 10410 Veterans Memorial Dr., Houston, TX


10/04/20 11:57 AM #4722    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

It's with a Sad Sad Heart, that I post this morning that our dear Friend and Classmate, John (Dennie) Lucas passed away yesterday at his home. Darlene called and she is on her way there now. I will keep you updated on any arrangements made. My thoughts and Prayers go out to the Family~~





305 W. HARRISON ST. GILMER TX 75644 (903) 843-2555



OCTOBER 8, 2020 12:00 NOON




10/05/20 09:25 AM #4723    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Judy, so sad to hear of John Lucas passing. He was always a friend from elementary thru high school. Such a funny, kind, wonderful man. I did not know he got a purple heart, but I'm not surprised. He was that selfless.

10/05/20 11:43 AM #4724    

Shirley Maxwell (Pace) (1970)

Darlene I'm so sorry to hear of Dennie.s passing, Please call me if you need anything, Prayers for you & the family

10/05/20 01:29 PM #4725    


Judy Maxwell (1971)


Yes, so sad, He joined the Marines and was sent to Viet Nam and gave it his all as he always did. Even though he was badly wounded, he recovered, came back home and servered for years on the Houston Swat Team.  

He was a good guy and will be missed ~



10/05/20 02:03 PM #4726    


Bonnie Artale (1971)

 Oct. 5,2020

Sad to hear of one more of us passing.  Seems we have had  a lot more loss this year. Is it covid, or our age that is the culprit ?  I, for one am too young to feel this damn old.   RIP Terry and John, may their memories be a blessing.    

10/05/20 04:34 PM #4727    


Judy Maxwell (1971)





305 W. HARRISON ST. GILMER TX 75644 (903) 843-2555



OCTOBER 8, 2020 12:00 NOON





10/06/20 03:33 PM #4728    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Obituary for John D. Lucas "Dennie", Jr.

Mr. John D. Lucas “Dennie”, Jr., age 70 of Gilmer, passed away on Saturday, October 3, 2020 at his home. Denny was born in Oak Grove, Louisiana on February 13, 1950 to the late John D. and Geneva (Fryday) Lucas, Sr. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps., where he trained as a rifleman, achieving the rank of Corporal while serving in the Vietnam War. He sustained injuries from an enemy landmine, and was awarded the Purple Heart. He worked as a police officer and swat team member for the Houston Police Department for 10 years, before changing lanes to begin a 40 year career as a tractor-trailer driver and instructor. He enjoyed watching westerns, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his family.
He leaves behind a loving family; his wife of 18 years, Marie Lucas of Gilmer; children, Brian Lucas and wife Lisa of Huntsville, Carrie Wyatt and husband Robert of Huntsville, Virginia Lawrence of Spring Hill, John James and wife Lindsey of Bixby, OK., Krystal Williams of Hallsville, Joseph James and wife Cindi of Durant, OK.; sister, Darlene Ward and husband Billy of Humble; grandchildren, Tanner, Tori, Levi, Joseph, Sierra, Kailey, Kendell, Adriana, Julia, Noah, Luke, Kinsey, Kaden, Koby, Kai, Kori; three great-grandchildren, Zoey, Lily, Alyanna; and four loving pets.
He was preceded in death by his parents; a son, Jason Derek Lucas; and grandson, Toby.
The family will receive friends on Thursday, October 8, 2020 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM at Croley Funeral Home of Gilmer, followed by a graveside service at 1:30 PM at Gladewater Memorial Park on Highway 80, Chaplain Billy W. Ward officiating; pallbearers will be Ricky Metcalf, Chris Lawrence, Bubba Hill, Robert Wyatt, Mike Evans, and Brian Lucas.


10/07/20 02:58 PM #4729    

James Wiggins (1972)

Hi Judy, I talked to my Dad today who is 86 years old and told him about John Lucas. 

My Dad was a Swat office for HPD for over 20 years and  worked with John. I did not know

John but my Dad remembers him well and told me some great stories about him and working 

and working with John. I use Johns name as that is how my Dad remembered him.  My Dad

worked for HPD for 36 years and most of those were with Swat.  Oother years he worked

the North Side.  My Dad is contacting his other Swat contacts to let them know about John 

as well.



10/09/20 11:27 AM #4730    

Shirley Maxwell (Pace) (1970)


Thank your Dad for all his services! John had a beautiful funeral with friends & family. The Northside still pulls togeather when needed. 

10/09/20 01:04 PM #4731    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hi James,

Tell your Dad thanks~ The service yesterday was very emotional ~ It was a Military service with 21 gun salute and taps. His Brother-in-law, Bill Ward,  Darlene's husband is the Humble Police Dept. Chaplain so he did the service.

We called him Dennie, due to growing up togther and close with the family, he is a Jr. and his Dad went ny John so he was Dennie to us, Here are a few of us that were in Gilmer yesterday that grew up woth him. Shirley Maxwell Pace, Bobby Hopper, Me, Jackie Lucas, Darlene Lucas

Hope your doing good James, 



10/12/20 02:31 PM #4732    

James Wiggins (1972)

Thanks Judy, My Dad got real quite when I told him about John, he thought a lot of John,  My Dad was so much older than most of the SWAT team, I dont know how he kept up with all of them back in the day.  Must be the East Texan in him.  We are doing good here in Bossier City, La.  My son is also a SWAT officer here in Bossier City. We have been here 41 years now and still have my business, might retire one day but you know that self employed people dont retire, we just move on.  I took my grandsons to San Augustine Tx to watch them play Joaquin on Saturday, always feels good to get back to Texas.  You are right about Northside folks, we can do just about anything.  I am blessed to have grown up on the Northside, just did not know that at the time.

10/12/20 02:35 PM #4733    

James Wiggins (1972)

Thank you Judy and Shirley, I will let my Dad know your thanks.  

10/28/20 03:30 PM #4734    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Hello Burbank Jr. High Eagles - 1960-1962

My husband, Ronnie Cates, has been wanting to reconnect with a couple of friends for our Burbank Jr. High days.  These individuals would be in their mid 70's.

Mike Daughtery, I believe he enlisted in the army and upon his return, became a firefighter.  He dated and perhaps married Ellen Ragsdale.

Donnie Lobue, went to Catholic schools and lived on Eubanks Street

Any help in this quest will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and many blessings to you and your family,

Caren Reynolds Cates



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