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11/07/18 06:06 PM #4115    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new time change......I like getting up when it is light out...but hate getting off work at 5-5:30 and its already getting dark.....I am going to have to tell my boss I need to get off at 4 every day...I live 38 miles from my job (not complaining) so it's about a 45 minute drive in the day light but at night I go slower due to all the deer...these old counrty roads are jet black....we have no street lights. so it takes about an hour or little more now getting home...but I love my Job!!

What about you?




11/08/18 09:04 AM #4116    


Mary DE Lois Finch (Brown) (1960)

Hi Judy,

I am not a fan of the time change either and for the same reason you mentioned.  My home is in Willis and I work in the Houston Medical Center.  Fortunately, I am able to have a small apartment in UT Housing so I don't have to drive the 70 miles home each day but on Friday it takes me 1 1/2 hour to get home and on holidays, much longer. One good thing is I have a lighted freeway until I have to exit.  I live about 3 miles west of I-45 and there are no lights on that road.  I have seen quite a few deer along that road but the wierdest thing I have seen is a herd of cows being herded along the road by a couple of sheriffs in their vehicles.

11/08/18 05:45 PM #4117    

Rita Simms (Bane) (1971)

Judy I understand you not like driving in the dark, but this is the time we grew up with and I enjoy this bc of that.But I do wish they would pick one time and stick with it as some State have already adopted this and they stay on the time we just left behind.When the time changes back and we lose that hour it takes me along time to get with it again,so if they would just stay on that time it would be great.

11/08/18 07:26 PM #4118    

Mel Moy (1960)

I never cared for DST.  The main reason for me at the time was that drive-in movies had to start even later.  And drive-ins usually had double and even triple features.  “Wake up Little Susie, wake up.”  Then there”s the problem for people who live or travel on the edge of time zones that may or may not observe DST.  It’ll drive you nuts when you arrange to meet up with people for dinner reservations.  People complained their kids were having to walk to school in the dark. Roosters were waking people up at the wrong time.  Your pets don’t understand why you aren’t feeding them.  

Then there came a redeeming factor.  We used the time change to remind us to replace the batteries in our smoke detectors twice a year.  That alone probably saved hundreds of lives.  Then came the lithium batteries that last 10 years or so.  Well, you’re not going to swap out those puppies twice a year.  So now I’m back to no good reason for daylight savings time.  

When the weather changes, we dress accordingly. It’s called seasons.  We’ve lived well with it for ages.  The same goes for hours of daylight.  It’s not like we’re living at the poles where daytime or night lasts forever at certain times of the year.  Let’s ditch daylight savings time so my wife doesn’t have to remind me twice a year to once again figure out how to reset all those damned digital clocks and watches we have around the house.  It takes me about a week to finally get around to them all.  No pun intended, but I don’t exactly have a good time being responsible for doing that.  



11/09/18 08:35 AM #4119    

Fred Taylor (1964)

Yeah, what he said!!!!

Mel ole buddy. I agree with you 100%. I can't add anything more brilliant than what you already said so I'll just sit here dreading "Spring Forward" when we loose an hour and have to change all those *$%#&(@&  clocks again.


11/09/18 02:37 PM #4120    

Nancy Harantcavage (1969)

OK - for all those in favor of leaving it dark at 6pm - Hooray  But for the other half of the population that do not get up early early because evenings are better for us - we can split the year.  Half the early bird, and half the nightimers.


11/09/18 04:14 PM #4121    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

OK I have some pictures from the tour last Saturday and have been trying to post them since then.....I need help from someone!! All the pictures load up but they are all sideways and who wants a crick in their necks trying to look at them.....Anyone know how on this sight to get them to turn upright?? Let me know and if not I will have to post them sideways~ Thanks!!



11/09/18 04:26 PM #4122    


Ruben Garza (1967)

I would prefer the time we have during the summer because I can play golf a little later on in the day. And I can figure how to turn all the clocks backwards and forwards including the appliances and cars. I just can't figure out how to change the time on my sundail in the back yard.! ???? :(

11/09/18 06:18 PM #4123    


Roger Bradshaw (1970)

Yeah Ruben, those sundials can be a real pain...

11/09/18 06:21 PM #4124    


Judy Maxwell (1971)


Did you ever go to any of the Multi Year reunions that we had a Schott's park in Humble?? It would have been back 12-15 years ago?? I have a picture of a guy there and thought it might be you.



11/09/18 06:39 PM #4125    


Roger Bradshaw (1970)

Yeah Judy, I think I and my wife attended one of those about 10 years ago. I know it been quite a while...:-)

11/10/18 09:01 AM #4126    


Randy Tolman (1967)

Ruben #4123

I don't think the time change is going to help your golf game in the least except maybe give you more time to locate that wayward shot that ended up in the brush. But I remember when they first started DST. It was so dads who worked 8-5 jobs could have time in the summer to get home and mow the lawn before dark. Well now no one works 8-5 anymore, people live in appartments & town houses with no yards, and those in the subberds who do have yards, hire some guy to come mow the grass before they get home anyway. So WHY do we still have to put up with ALL this uncalled for stress, inconveniounce, & work to set and reset the clocks, both external and internal, twice a year? Just put it on some time and leave it alone, for cring out louad! And maybe, just maybe we can all find an extra golf ball or two.

11/10/18 03:35 PM #4127    

Rita Simms (Bane) (1971)


Judy please post them to FB also so I can save photos.

11/10/18 09:47 PM #4128    

Carla Cole (1973)


Judy, you may have to rotate them before you post to make them post right.  I had this situation recently with another site, but it worked.  




11/13/18 11:15 AM #4129    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Starting from the left ~ Shirley Ross (59) with husband ~ Jerry Doherty (59) and past teacher.

Then I have signed in a couple of names from the 50's  ~ Jim Alewine (58) ~ Mona Palmer (58) ~



11/13/18 11:20 AM #4130    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

POST #4129 Is from the tour we took on the 3rd of Novmeber...This fine looking group all graduated in the 50"s......I did not get all the names so as I post these pictures if you see yourself or some one you know please let us know the name and year graduated......The second from the left was also a teacher at Sam.....

I did have to rotate the picture to it's side to get it to post on here correctly.....

We have a picture of each decade of graduates....The 50's which I just posted was the oldest ones there and I will be posting the 60's - 70's and a solo guest ftom the 80's....We did have a couple there that grauated in 2000 but I am not sure if I got a picture of them.


11/13/18 11:23 AM #4131    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Again if anyone know the names please let us know or the year graduated...I see Caren on the right. Margaret on the left. Phyles Schobel (67) towards the middle.

11/13/18 11:32 AM #4132    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Of course I graduated in 71 so I do have three pictures of the 71 group,,,,,and know a few more of the names. So here are the pictures.......I know I am in it. Karen Barrett (71) ~Randy Stutes (71) ~ Pamela Barnet (71) ~ Pamela's Husband William Daniel (70) ~ Raney Sutherlnad (71) ~  Darlene Lucas (70) ~ Linda Elsner (70) ~ Roger Bradshaw (70).


11/13/18 11:42 AM #4133    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

This may be Pamela Mendoza clas of 88.......

11/13/18 01:48 PM #4134    


Caren Reynolds (Cates) (1965)

Thank you so much, Judy, for posting the pictures and hosting this event.

Looking at the 1960's photo, standing to the left:of me:  Beverly Mead ('64) Pat Osina ('65)  couple from the side - Erma Gidion and Thurman Clark ('65) 

Standing over my shoulder: Linda Wiggins ('65) and next to her, Linda Groce ('65)

Hope you have a blessed day!












11/13/18 05:37 PM #4135    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Picnic in the Park!! James Driver Park on November 17, 2018. Pack you food and drinks and head to James Driver Park on Bentley between Little York and Hopper Rd. Join us as we enjoy catching up with everyone. If you or someone you know grew up in Pinewood Village or you know someone that did ~ come join us!! Hope to see you there!! Saturday November 17th around one PM...



11/14/18 08:55 PM #4136    

Donnese Barrington (1963)

Chuck Simmons, thanks for the happy birthday. I’m doing great and enjoyed the day with my sister at The Cheesecake Factory. I have one son who lives in Arlington and one grandson and one great granddaughter. Hoping all is well with you.

11/15/18 08:58 PM #4137    


Beverly McNease (Boudar Reed) (1968)

Dear Fellow 1968 SHSHS Graduates,

IMPORTANT MESSAGE re. our 50-year Reunion Keepsake DVD

FYI… For those who may not have had a chance to see the notice about the Keepsake DVD that was created from photos taken at our 50-year SHSHS reunion this past June, along with a multitude of CoLonNeh photos that were made into unique collages… or maybe have just not remembered to mail payment for the disc that was requested, I would like to let you know that there are still several of the DVDs available.

The data DVD contains almost 900 images. The "surprise" part of the DVD that I kept teasing before anyone ever saw it was the fact that over half of these images are collages which were created with anywhere from 8-14 individual photos each (with the finished collage counted as only one image). All in all, over 4,000 individual photos were used in the creation of the finished project.  

For all those classmates who attended our reunion get-together on June 23, 2018, as well as a number of others from our class—including some who are no longer with us—there is a collage created just for them with their Sophomore, Junior, and Senior yearbook pix in one image.  Class officers, class favorites, sports personalities, yearbook staff, clubs, past reunions and student directory memories, etc., etc., etc. also have collages created and added to the disc. 

Tons of online research went into the project. There are several interesting illustrated articles about our school's namesake, General/Governor  Sam Houston, along with some fascinating info on the company that took our panoramic photo… (and they are still in business!)  BTW, the panoramic of our class I have divided up into 34 individual, enlarged images so we can recognize ourselves and our friends without the use of a microscope! HaHa 

I will attempt to include a few sample images for you.  If you look back at your CoLonNeh yearbooks, you will see that my photomontages were not printed in the yearbook like this. The individual images were obtained from different pages—even from several of the yearbooks—and then incorporated into a single image. As you can see from the examples, other than the three-year collages of individual students, I have included in each grouping a photo of the yearbook from which each set of pix was gleaned.

Sorry for the "overkill" description… just thought it might help you be able imagine in a small way why it took me 425 hours to complete this labor-of-love project.

If you would like a copy of the memory DVD, please let me know by emailing me at or texting to 806-831-4096, and then stick a check for $35 in the mail… no tax, no S&H. Your disc will be in the mail within 2-3 days after your check is received.

God bless you all,

Beverly McNease Boudar Reed

SHSHS Class of 1968

Lubbock, Texas

11/15/18 11:48 PM #4138    


Barbara Brandes (Peters) (1968)

Reminder for All Classes.......

Tomorrow is our Happy Hour in the Bar at The Woodlands Holiday Inn on David Memorial Drive (exit Research Forest).  Time is 4 to 7.  These are scheduled for the third Friday of every odd numbered month.

They have great food there also!   Last month was our first one and we had only 8 people there so hope you guys will come and add to the fun.  If you are there at 4 or 4:30, just hang loose because a few are still working and dont get off until 5:00.  Some of us will be there early but if you are first, grab the upfront 4 tables for us !

Barbara P.

281 808 0883

11/16/18 01:11 PM #4139    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Barbara....I will be there tonight I am trying to get off early but even if I don't I will be there around 6:30 depending on traffic.....See you there!!




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